The marriage



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For me it’s a complete version of the Boo 😁

If anyone is interested to play with their Lu fets I can share the gerbers for r1 here or in a pm.

I have also 4 pcbs of r0 that I can donate. They have the wrong tracks cut, you only need to place some wires to do the correct bridges and some cleaning.
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I am listening Coleman Hawkins tonight.
At 50mW that go to the speakers at this hour I can say it’s very good. What I noticed is that it does better at low level details compared to the mosfet version.

I mostly don’t like to do this type of comments because every new amp sounds better than the old one … you know how it is.
I am curious to play with the Vds of the LU. I think it can be done while you listen to music 😁
This is the part that implies a lot of fun.