What is here?

Below you can find archives of old sections of diyAudio that ran on old legacy software platforms.

Why are they here?

The various software packages that provided these pages previously have now all gone beyond "end of life". This means they cannot run on our current server due to incompatabilities, or they might cause security problems for the forum and its members.

To protect our members these unsupported software packages have have been removed from our server. Because some of the content is valuable or in need of being referred to, we have created a read only html archive of all the content.

Why does it look so ugly?

Because these pages were generated by complex software, and we can no longer run that software, we had to find a way to download the content to create static HTML pages. It's not pretty, but if you need the content it's there for you to save, or copy.

Is it going to stick around?

The medium term plan is for any important content here to be manually migrated to replacement systems at diyAudio after we have migrated to XenForo and after replacement systems exist, which is projected by be by 2022 Q1.

If there is any content here you would like to use in the future please grab it now and make use of it. This archive will be removed in 2022 Q2.