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Welcome to our brand new Wiki. Unfortunately, all the content from the Old Wiki will have to be transferred manually. Volunteers Welcome.

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diyAudio maintains this wiki as a resource for it's members to share knowledge, projects and thoughts on diy Audio. Please have a look around; we hope you find the topics that are covered within very useful. If you do, please consider giving back as that is the only way that this resource will continue to grow.

  • Introduction - An introduction to the wiki along with instructions on how you can help and frequently asked questions
  • Editing Guide - Guidelines on creating articles and adding new ones.
  • List of Wiki Codes - includes codes for formatting wiki text.
  • SandBox - a place where you can test your wiki editing skills and see how the various codes work
  • Special:SpecialPages - including Search, recent page edits and user contributions.
  • [[Help]] - Help section under construction; help would be appreciated (pun intended)




  • Plinths - are they necessary?
  • Listening Rooms - topics like
  • Speaker Placement
  • Human Hearing

Linux diy Audio

Have a look at the Linux Audio section of the wiki

Group Buys is unique with it's group buy activities which are organized by it's members. There is no other forum like this when it comes to amount of group buys and the quality of the designs and pcb's which are offered.

Let's hope that it will continue in good spirit and as a help there are some guidelines and also a template for the wiki page.

Group Buys

Old Pages (deprecated)

This section will disappear over the next few days as we migrate the links to other parts of the new wiki structure.

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