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Most diyAudio members will be completely unfamiliar with the concept of Wiki, so a good and easy to understand explanation is in order. A Wiki is a website where you can edit every page. That's right, every page! See the link [Edit this document] on the bottom of this page? If you click it you can edit this page. But don't edit this one, edit the SandBox page. Before you say it won't work, read WhyWikiWorks.

Why have a Wiki? A Wiki lets you create web pages. Do you want to write a how-to guide on BuildingTheAlephX? amplifier? Or create a list of EnglishTranslations for people that don't speak english but want to understand our slang terms? A Wiki makes these things a piece of cake.

Starting Points

New Layout

The Wiki has been reworked and ordered into a more categorical fashion. Please try to keep the format the same for any new categories. Also, please try to use as many links to the internal Wiki as possible in your definitions and articles. Try to keep articles under the article headings for each category and out of the actual topic page to avoid clutter at a later date when the knowledge base becomes larger. These aren't enforced rules but they ensure (in my eyes) a healthy future for the DIY Audio Wiki.
Mike (a.k.a specialx)

DIY Guides

Click here for helpful tutorials on getting started in DIY audio, DIY construction techniques etc.


Click here for more on amplifiers


Click here for more on loudspeakers


Click here for more on video

Audio Sources - Digital & Analogue

Click here for more on audio sources

Car Audio

Click here for more on car audio

Everything Else (mostly Group buys)

Click here for more on everything else

Vintage Audio

Information on vintage kit


Click here for an explanation of technical terms
See also EnglishTranslations

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