Classic Aleph Amplifier for Modern UMS Chassis

I made a few tweaks...

- Added 0.1uF bypass cap footprints for the 220uF electrolytic caps. These are purely optional. I saw a post earlier in this thread pointing to a ZM post about this topic. Now the option is there to add bypass caps with 5, 7.5, or 10mm lead spacing. I'll put an option or 2 in the BOM (Kemet, Wima, etc.)

I was thinking about chassis options, and using 250mm width PCBs leaves no room for space on a 500mm deep chassis. I shaved a little off the end of the boards. It is now 60 x 247.5mm. Still tight...

So I made a 4 Up / 4 Down dedicated expansion card. This will make for an easier fit on the 2nd heatsink if 2 PCB's are side by side. Now use the main PCB + Expansion PCB. The expansion points are in the same order, just daisy chain and go.

I'll update the group buy spreadsheet for any A2 or A60 builders who want to switch from 2 pairs of main boards to 1 pair main + 1 pair expansion.


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What would be the recommended PS for building the Alpha 60 Stereo in the 500mm chassis? I would still think that the "New Original” F5 Dual Rail Decoupled PS would still be recommended for stereo.

500mm - I assume you're doing 2 channels in one chassis. For that application go for the "New Original” F5 Dual Rail.


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2004-02-06 11:15 pm
Washington DC

I am trying to produce a BOM for 30 version and can't seem to find anything for C8 and C11 from Mouser. C8 is shaped to accept a 2.2uF film about 10mm square and that is what it appears to show in your picture. C11 appears to be a 10pf silver mica but nothing of that value and form factor seems to be available. Any part numbers or vendors would be appreciated.




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2016-01-10 12:38 am
North Toronto

I have a 10+ page build notes guide drafted including BOM for the A30. When I’m done with that I’m going to make a version for A60. PM your email address and I’ll send it to you. I could use an extra set of eyes for review and input. I’ll publish the doc once it’s a little further along.

Thank you so much for the effort and time you’re putting into all of this! The DIY community and members of this forum truly appreciate it. 👏🏻
Hi Randy,

Sorry for lack of posts. Travel and new format. I still don't know how to PM on this yet, but I think I've got your e-mail.

I am on the road until mid-Jan. I'll get back with you once I get home. If there's anything in the interim, PM me, and I hope I can find it. No, I have not RTFM for the new site yet. :D

Happy Holidays!
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Wow, Randy! Great work! It’s nice to see these “older” designs getting some more love. There may or may not be some value in my Aleph-X amp page, there is a pretty good discussion of the Aleph circuit and how it works as well as some exploration concerning choice of output mosfets and heat sinking/bias level concerns.

Link to my Aleph-X construction pages
Hi Randy,
this one looks great!
Altough many projects in the pipe, I would really love to build a 60w Aleph :yes:
As I would build two monos - what should I write into the Google-sheet?
Many thanks!

See Line #9 in the sheet with a sample A60 mono setup. Copy/paste that line with your name on the left and you'll have the boards and MOSFETS you need. Happy New Year!