Aleph J build guide for noobs

Heck, I may start a thread over there. I’m sure I could get some constructive criticism. Here's the chokes. I have a pair.


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1.2mH at 25 amps???? Holy moly!! What does that weigh?
Around 15lbs. each? I think. I've mounted the transformer and both chokes into the bottom of a small server cabinet with casters.
Power will be limited by the 120V mains and the 5A variac. The main purpose of the supply is to bring my mosfet RF amp up to operating
voltage slowly so the bias can be set and may give it a little drive to make sure it's functioning okay. I have 2500W HP 50V switcher for regular operation.
Plan is to have jumpers for 2 separate supplies that can be configured in series parallel or a + 0 - setup. Good times!
Has anyone used this transformer or have opinions on the companies quality in general?
I have this new transformer and I want to make sure I wire it correctly, I currently have an antek. The schematic shows each primary wire with a value.
white 0V
Yellow 117V
Orange 0V
black 117V
The secondaries are labeled similarly, different colors, one lead is 0 and one is 18V.
The antek just shows one value for each pair.

I think it wires up the same way as long as you are using the pairs that go together or have continuity. Is that correct?
I need a little more help wiring these primaries. The antek was each primary with continuity wired every other slot. Doing that with this, the dim bulb just stays bright. Would someone give me a quick explanation of how to wire this properly? IMG_0417.jpeg
On the left side, yellow is live black is neutral.