Wayne's BA 2018 linestage

I finished my WLS and have it running in my main system, and it sounds great! Thank you Wayne for providing us with this truly exceptional piece of audio circuitry!!


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balanced, in general, is worth under 2 conditions:

- you have proper balanced source(s), not one inherently SE with just glued on circ for negative phase
-you prefer sound with dominant odd harmonics

to simplify - if you had opportunity to hear balanced system somewhere and you like it - go for it

simplify attempt 2 - if you have opportunity and eagerness, build what's needed, try in both SE and Bal, choose what you like more
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As ZM posted...

Perhaps one small addition to that...

In fact balanced lines have been developed to minimise line cables electrical interferences/noise due mostly to environmental electromagnetic pollution (balanced lines cancel most out). But in my experience, unless you run line cables over 10m (and then you need a serious output stage to drive them usualy!) as it is indeed the case in pro applications, or you have an exceptional noisy environment or very very sensitive signals, both rather rare in home HIFI applications (even the sensitive MC sources can do without XLR if properly shielded), it isn't worth bothering with. The exception being natural balanced MC sources... perhaps.

I use RCA non balanced all the way and never head an issue, even with some SMPS or comuters being sometimes only 2m away. Just my experience.

I hope this helps

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