Wayne's BA 2018 linestage

Any thoughts or comments on Wayne's linestage presented at BA 2018?

It looks like an economical high performance design with a couple of nice options (like a beefier output if needed)

I'm a terrible designer and a slow builder - I think we wound be interested in hearing if there are any experiences or opinions yet.

Thanks Wayne!



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Looks like this thread has sort of "petered out" temporarily for whatever reason.

Wayne...I noticed you offered 100+ purple PCBs for your design at BA 2018.
Like many folks here, I can't drop everything and go to the west coast for this BA 2018 event.
So do you plan on offering Gerbers for your board here in this thread or offering PCBs in the DIY Store in the near future for this preamp??

An update as to your intentions would be nice rather than leaving us and the OP hanging.:)