ultra performance amp

new design , no pcb


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......have layout again , find some errors , corrected and revised ;)
Regards Alex.

Hi Alex

Very nice pcb layout. But I have a question. There are 8 transistors laying under the pcb, 8 transistors x 3 leads = 24 leads have to insert to the pcb before soldering. Is there any way to make sure it has no problem when inserting the leads through the pad holes?
I have designed some similiar pcb layouts but keep wondering if there will be any problem to insert the leads of transistors into the pad holes on the pcb.

Solder just ONE lead of each output device. Maybe to just one side of the pad rather than all round.
This holds the transistors roughly, but not rigidly, in place.
Bolt or clamp to your heatsink.

Then when all is correctly aligned, re-solder that first lead to release any strain on that part soldered leadout.
Finally solder all the other leadouts.