Something to lighten the mood

The Reason with I skip my veggies.
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My wife was out to sea on a boat and in severe difficulties.
I got the coast guard to have a look.
They said, "it looks pretty choppy and dangerous out there."
I said, "Don't worry I can always buy a new boat."

There is no nice way to say this, Nigel, but I find this post misogynist and misogamist.

Frankly, I am surprised you have not been consigned to the sin-bin for a week of inner reflection on improving your ways and becoming a better, more inclusive person.

Misogyny is evident all around us. Consider this £1600 acrylic painting on display at my local art cinema:

Ice Cold in Alex.jpg

I am surprised the female manager, Ayse, allowed it to be displayed. The artist, if a man of integrity, should have burnt it, rather than try and flog such a flawed work.

The original scene from the 1958 film "Ice Cold in Alex" makes clear why.

Sylvia Syms.jpg

Harry Andrews, Anthony Quayle, Sylvia Syms and John Mills, of course. A ripping yarn set in North Africa in WW2.

Sylvia Syms did NOT have a squint! Just gazing at her lovelness did often lighten my mood as a young cinema buff.
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"There is no nice way to say this, Nigel, but I find this post misogynist and misogamist."
I both agree and disagree. The joke could be seen as a sign of misogynism, or a sign of the opposite. I myself love to play with our stereotypes, however this can only be done among people known to me.
One such example is the store chain Chlas Ohlson (that was much like Radio Shack back then). It is generally reffered to as "Men's kindergarten". The wife could leave her husband there while doing other matters for a few hours and then come and pick him up.

Also, being too picky can aggravate the battle for full equality between sexes as misogynists may address whatever they consider feminist rubbish. Like in Sweden han (he) and hon (she) has suddenly been replaced by the gender neutral word hen (hse??) and THAT has become a favourite talking point in all debates.
I live amongst very strong and capable women. I fully respect and appreciate them. They know this full well. The women in my life respect and appreciate me. I know this full well. My wife makes man-jokes about me, completely in jest. I have never felt slighted or disrespected. I hear man-jokes all the time. I never get offended. It's a JOKE. If I forego my sense of humor, I would be very offended. I'm bald. I hear bald jokes, a lot. It doesn't bother me. I appreciate humor. If someone makes jokes with contempt and disrespect, I let it roll off my back. If I didn't it would be very damaging, to me. If a joke offends, can't we move on and not draw attention to it? When I was a child, we used a very effective axiom for name-calling and poor jokes, "sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me." I think things have gotten to the point where we aren't expected to be self-assured enough that we can toughen up and blow things off. Humor is in serious danger in our world, and if we aren't allowed to say something someone might find objectionable, we will turn into automatons who are very limited in what we are allowed to say.
Just my two cents...
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The pic in post 5136 almost made my privities want to crawl up into my body cavity to keep warm. Here in Cali, water is still resolutely liquid, except in the higher elevations. Some places have a bit too much, with flooding. I'm still waiting for the transition to Spring-type weather, here.
Smoking, and drinking, is a natural displacement activity when confronted by the horrors of War, and even Sister Murdoch (Sylvia Syms) feels she has earned a lager:

I have fact-checked the "squint" issue.

The wretched Painting:

Ice Cold in Alex.jpg

The Original Ace Film:

Sylvia Syms 2.jpg

I see no squint, only an ambivalent reflection on a dangerous mission which has reached a satisfactory ending.

Amusingly, and John Mills liked telling the story, the scene took half a dozen retakes, and since real Carlsberg lager was used, Mills was a "Little Heady" by the time they wrapped. :D
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