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But don't Americans and Brits have thos Stag Parties and Hen Parties??
As Galu mentioned, different context. Because, as a Colonial Canadian, I am basically halfway between a Brit and an American, and feel qualified to embellish. :)

A stag party is usually the night before a man's wedding and involves too much beer, whisky, tall tales and dedicated tomfoolery. It signifies the end of a man's freedom. The only women in attendance are usually of the hired kind.
The equivalent for the ladies is a stagette.

A hen party is a group of women getting together, for no particular reason to drink wine, gossip and complain about their men. The only men in attendance are usually the waiters.
The equivalent for men is boys night out, whereby they do the same things as they do at a stag just in a more reserved manner.
In the UK, the term "hen party" means something more specific: a party in honour of a bride-to-be, organised and attended by her female friends.

In the UK, Australia and Ireland a bachelor and bachelorette party is called a stag and hen party respectively, while the Canadians use the terms stag and stagette for the same night of fun.
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One thing I see brits and Americans have in common are leaders with bad hair day
In the UK, Australia and Ireland
And from an American standpoint...

A stag party is what Brits call a bachelor party, which is a party thrown in celebration of the man about to get married. A stag night is usually planned by the groom's friend or brother. Similarly, a hen do is a bachelorette party.

Now that we're covered from all angles, I think it's time for a shot of Irish whisky.☘️
What a day. Cheltenham Gold Cup day and St. Patrick's Day combined at my local watering hole, O'Neill's in Southsea!

On the way from the Betfred Bookies to the bar, I picked up this treasure at the White Dog Gallery for a mere £15.

Southsea PO5 Great Town Good People.jpg

Last night, the lovely Jo Whiley was in top form on BBC Radio 2, as ever.

Jo Whiley 16 March.jpg

Today is World Sleep Day. This means we must get off to bed in good time for a change, after a cup of cocoa, hot chocolate or Ovaltine naturally.

Jo played this soporific Olympics 2012 track last night. Calban's Dream. I have just replayed it.

Already my eyelids are dropping. I am feeling sleepy.... Night All. :sleep: