Replacement For Toshiba 2SK170/2SJ74

I just found REAL 2SK170-BL. I have approx. 250.
Sorry and Linear just announced that they are going to start reproducing LSK389 Jfet dual N ch. Can replace a pair of matches 2SK170.. Problem seems to be the P channel.. You can not buy LSJ74 from Linear. 2SJ74 seems hard to find as well.. Especially in BL grade. GR is what I see mostly which is too low of IDSS for most projects
What about using high-end op-amps as replacement like AD797 which is used in e.g. Cedarburg input board for M2X?
Would such a solution introduce a lot more noise than pure discrete JFETs like 2SK's?
For M2X I prefer input boards like Norwood and Cedarburg over the pure discrete solutions.
I guess during a recording the signal has passed many op-amps?

I think one reason that input circuits must be "discrete" in high-end products is that op-amps will not be accepted by "audiophiles" and not because of "technical" reasons......or am I wrong?