Replacement For Toshiba 2SK170/2SJ74


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it seems someone is taking 2SK2145 as substitute for 2SK170, using case adapter pcb

treating those 2 JFets in one case as one

from 2SK2145 datasheet .......X is type, G is GR current rank, in this case 2.6-6.5mA

doable and effective, but only if taken care of current ranges (GR, BL, V) and appropriate translation between origin and substitute

so, practically translated to BL range of 2SK170, 6.5 to 12mA
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Is there supposed to be something underneath those two areas that almost look like, I hate to say this, solder blobs (first picture)? I also think this cat could use a little less solder on those pins personally, but that’s just my own opinion and you know what they say about that.