Replacement For Toshiba 2SK170/2SJ74


2005-04-30 7:30 pm
The one thing I find remarkable is the consistency of the manufacturing process achieving a spread of 10% on Idss, and 3% on Yfs. Getting matched pairs should be a piece of cake.
I just looked at my stash of J175 originals by NS from half a century ago, and the spread is 15mA to 35mA on Idss.
I also agreed the noise aspect is important. Sadly, I don't have anything handy to measure it; maybe I should rig up something. But then again, I'm under no pressure: for low level purpose, I'm fortunate enough to have a few big guns like the 2SK146 :)
i want to share my small experience with some selections and measurements with JFET´s -this are average datas
got some droubles with 2sk161(think -ESD failures) but expect new one this week.

hopefully after end of may a have time enough to go deeper inside......
meaning i want to try some IPS boards like the different version in the project M2X with a lot of different JFETs on Input power stage boards.
have a nice day - Harry


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