rePhase, a loudspeaker phase linearization, EQ and FIR filtering tool

Okay, reporting:
the "0" thing didn't work out (it just keeps spinning forever) but EQ filters as low as 1ms build okay.
Also somewhat strangely, if UI is to be trusted (the red line when filter is built), the 1ms EQ filters follow the specified "blue line" curve closer than ones built with default settings.
As soon as I get an external card with TOSLINK-in I'll check just how compliant they are with desired curve "on the wire" (a matter of curiosity plus guy was selling a decent-looking external audio card for ten bux. I'm ready to spend ten bux on curiosity!)
"zero" works out without optimization but the "red line" ends up being differently shaped. Not by a huge deal but different. Might eventually compare to 1.45ms filter produced from same settings (maximum optimization, UI shows red line perfectly tracking the blue one) using the TOSLINK-in usb thingus (still in transit) and report if any interesting differences exist


2009-01-24 2:20 pm
That indicates there is not enough taps to accommodate that filter shape without some compromise. If you are using a computer as a source then either Equalizer APO, Jriver, CamillaDSP or others can run any length of convolver filter you want without any real latency. Jriver has the ability to add DSP to tracks that are then streamed to other devices.
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Oh no no no…..

But I was thinking roon is something and I just found out it’s BORING!

wouldn’t it be something to have a cloud based correction… where a user could stream their apps through it, like title or Spotify or Qobuz. Most people wouldn’t ever need to buy a DSP or any hardware

no stupid silly core that is a dumb idea.

someone needs to invent this and unleash cloud based DSP….

you could simply tell your app what room you’re in whether you’re in the car or at home or at work and you will have a correction for each of your listening environments

so what is most of it is only two channel. all Suman would need is a measurement microphone that can interface with the app
There’s a lot of iPhone measurement mics like the one from audio control that are very good….

Could you imagine nobody would have to have any silly core or any silly PC running,
Their correction filters could be online and stream through your Music app it could interface with your other stuff that would be so cool!!!!!
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Tidal should partner with Dirac…. Or pos and make something

Having it from the music app would be huge!!! Have a little chair with measurement points, could do it all from the music app, they have the music servers,
All they would have to do is add another server to run peoples corrections through
For like an extra two bucks a month or something..

it would know whether you were in the car or at home through GPS and it could automatically switch corrections

oh my gosh I’m a brain sometimes I have the best ideas but I bet nobody does it
Does anyone know how to make a cal file from a measurement?

i have a audio control mic that is very nice and sounds ten million times better then my umik1-2 and my UMM6….

the audio control cm-10 has no cal file, it’s calibration is part of the mic, and it’s XLR

I WANT my usb mics to sound like the audio control mic. Can I take a measurement with each and somehow make a offset and use it as a cal file for the umik?

pm me if can, I won’t bog this thread anymore with off topic… (you guys are the heavy hitters so I know if anyone knows , it’s you) :) :)

I’ll ask mods to delete this post in 2 days
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