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Has anyone ever used this type of component? Is it reliable?


This Ali shop is just as an example.

As I have a contact for TH switch (NO) on the speaker protection modules, I wanted to buy some to wire them. I already have another model of thermal switch but they are too big to fit under the PCB.



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I don’t have a “reliability” report about these parts but I have bench tested them with a heat gun and the Normally Open (NO) parts close very close to their stated temperature. The softstart module I use has an over temperature shutdown, this (NO) thermal switch is mounted to the heatsink, should the temperature ever get to 70°C the AC power is cut off.
If the Q17 heatsink ever got that hot, we have major problems 😂.
Thanks Vunce.

For the main when used, I generally use KD301 or KD302.

I have this soft/start module in stock. Manage laching or no-lashing switch + led. Double main transformer output. Convenient when you have two transformers. Work fine and small size but no temp shutdown circuit included.
I expect an assortment of buttons to try to have something more beautiful than the basic button. I also received the logo. :p



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Hi again,
I found an amplifier similar in performance to the Q17, made by the Czech company spaudio. On the input they have a combination of 2sk/2sj, on the output also mosfets but I don't know what type. Power output is 200w/8ohm & 400w/4ohm, dual mono design, and uses 2 massive 750w toroidal transformers and 4U box. I also like the interior layout very much, that's how I would like to make my future Q17 as well.

It would be a very interesting comparison with Q17. Its price is at the level of 6000€


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