Q17 - an audiophile approach to perfect sound

Does it make any difference to the sound of gold screws? :p

As for me, I ordered a gold-colored logo for the box of my future Q17-Turbo.



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If I may, a little less text on the front might be better.

Personally, I would keep only "Q17" (much bigger) in the center and will put the rest of the text (in small) on the bottom left or bottom right.


EDIT : "modified" is ugly". May be "inspired" will be better.
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This CDE 930 capacity model gives the same result whether you put it in one direction or the other. At the scope, the simple finger test on the capacity does not show any visible difference. The direction of the writing also means nothing and it is random during manufacture.

A good article on the subject.


Hello TIberius
greetings just want to ask about power supply what is the
best and safe SECONDARY VOLTAGE for single and dual
pair version i will be using 45000mfd per rail is it ok
would a capacitance multiplier improve the sound.
warm regards
Good quality markers should be used, the size of the filtration in turn can affect the bass foundation, ...

For my Q17, I chose the high-end brand Audio Note. These will be mounted on both the Q17 and the active PSU. (2x4700uF for Q17 & 4x10000uF /1 channel active psu)


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Q17 Friends,
Today I ordered 2 toroidal transformers (500W / 2x35V), from Toroidy.pl

Right now I'm faced with choosing connectors for the back panel. The highest quality connectors from the High-End category offer both screw and soldered cable attachment. Which would you recommend (pros/cons.) I am also still facing the dilemma of the finish (Gold vs Rhodium).

Thank you for your comments.
The CMC connectors that I mentioned are of good quality, unfortunately they are very copied with varying qualities. These are originals. Just weigh them. The clones are lighter and the coating is of lower quality. The red washers are not the same too.

But if you want to spend $100 on a pair of RCA connectors, that's good for the trade. ;)



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