Pearl 3 Burning Amp 2023

Your measurement of U1 - 7: 920mv is what I am seeing at the output of my P3 RCAs. I am wondering if maybe the toshibas are bad or even my J112's are at fault. I have measured them multiple times reading 1.92V with a 599 resistor giving me 3.8ma

Here are some measurements I took today...
The U1:B cct has no DC gain, so U1 pin 6 must be at the same DC potential as the R23/R24 node. So, I'll bet a Loonie ($1 CAD coin) the problem lies in the feedback network.

If the feedback network were open, you could get the voltages you report at the output. However, I think I recall you said there was very little gain; so that isn't the problem. A short along the feedback path, either to ground or to U1 pin 7 might provide both the output DC level and the reduced gain.

How could a freak short like that possibly happen to both channels? Must be Oumuamua.
I wasn’t sure if you meant Opamp side A or B so I took both.

Side A

Opamp pin 3 (+IN A) and ground is 0.2 ohm

Between Pin 2 (-IN A) and phono output is 1.02 Mohm

Side B

Between pin 5 (+IN B) and ground is 47.4k ohm

Between Pin pin 6 (-IN B) and the phono output it just keeps climbing up and never settles