Pearl 3 Burning Amp 2023

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Here is a PDF of of the Pearl 3 from Burning amp 2023 for those of you whom already have circuit boards.


EDIT: Video presentation on Pearl 3 for BAF '23 can be found here -


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Completely oblivious to this…was there a development thread or discussion within another Pearl thread?

Wayne unveiled the Pearl 3 circuit on Sunday October 1st, at the 2023 Burning Amp Festival. He gave away a few sets of Pearl 3 PCBs to attendees who raised their hands.

Here is a PDF of of the Pearl 3 from Burning amp 2023
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This is looking really good. Much has changed compared to the already excellent Pearl 2. At first glance...
  • Front end receiving feedback (I think)
  • New power supply scheme with lower rails
  • Op Amps
  • Low Freq EQ within an Op Amp feedback loop
  • A push Pull output stage

Much savoir faire (know how) gained since Pearl 2 (2010). Wayne spoils us again.
I hope his presentation and gerbers becomes available.
I am an novice especially regarding phono-amps.......therefor I have a stupid question:
There is a dip-switch at the front-end which can switch-in various resistors / capacitors to load the cartridge.
Regarding the resistors there is as low a value as 50R. When do you need to use such a small value? will almost "kill" the signal from the cartridge?
Or do I read the schematic wrong regarding the dip-switch circuit (it looks like it switch in resistors from input to gnd parallel with the 47k input resistor)?
Is it for very high output cartridges where you need to lower the input signal by loading the cartridge?
I am using DAC only.......and I am used to do everything to preserve as much as the signal as possible :)