New SBA 8" Full Range driver

This is the answer I got from "TLHP" about the delivery of these speakers.



Following your request, here is the manufacturer's response that we received this morning:

"It is still part of the product catalog, but to be honest, announcement of this product was done too early, meaning it was announced before development was done.
We have changed our policy on when we do announcement on our web site and when we include products in the pricelist.
It is not good if announcements are done before we are able to deliver.

This product is in the final stage of the development (final adjustments), but I do not promise a delivery date before a delivery is on the way to us."


2006-06-14 3:54 pm
Ta-daaahhh!!! The mythical beast lives!!!


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2006-06-14 3:54 pm
Hi guys. I purchased these from WES in Australia. They stock SB Acoustic amongst many other brands. I’ve enquired about the SB20FRP with them on and off over the last year or so. The other day they had them listed as in stock. They had 3? I purchased 2. They say they can/will order them in. Don’t know how many they originally had, I forgot to ask.

They look very well made for the price, and are working at a very low level out of any box at the moment. Doing some running in. I took some quick measurements with the drivers unused using a DATS V2. Considering they were fresh out of the boxes all looks pretty promising compared to SB’s published spec sheet for them, I think. Got to say, to my old ears, the high frequencies sound pretty sweet facing up to the roof, especially on some Tibetan gongs/bells :)


2008-02-22 1:21 pm
IG81, you have a pair? Sadly, I’m not a foam expert :(

No and neither am I! :) I'm just not too keen on foam surrounds in general. The ones on my old Fostex FF125K seem to be holding up pretty well and various reports of other Fostex users seem to agree their foam can last a long time. I think I've just seen too many bad foam surrounds back when I hunted vintage gear in thrift/pawn/second-hand stores. OTOH, it is the only kind that is readily replaceable. Give me pleated paper (Philips) or doped cambric (Richard Allan) any day.