New SBA 8" Full Range driver


2014-02-21 8:17 am
SBA is coming up with this....

8” SB20FRPC30-8 / Paper – Sbacoustics

sealed F3 is 64Hz in 30-ish litres, 38Hz in a vented 70 litres.
Very nice curve in a MLTL as well.

11mm p-to-p Xmax, 92dB sensitivity, Fs=39Hz, 50W handling power... a beast of FR driver!

I'll try to grab a pair when they come out!


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I liked that it has non-conductive coil former, foam surround and extended copper sleeve on pole piece..
It is surprising for me that it looks like they have good bass extension..
I don't know how to judge the frequency response after 2khz.(It is big question for me)
It says "Vented reinforced plastic chassis". Does it mean it has ventilated spider? I couldn't see clear pictures. In my opinion it gives some kind of clarity to sound..
Thanks for notification.
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To me this looks, on paper, to be a very interesting driver. It’s big enough with a lowish fs for some bass, whizzered for good treble dispersion, Q is in a handy range, phase plug for good behaviour. Sensitivity is good enough for many. The price is too reasonable to attract the high end brigade. Could it be the Goldilocks Full Range driver ? :xfingers:
My distributor is calling SBA tomorrow to find out when it will be available.

I'm slowly becoming a SBA fanboy! ha ha!

They do keep coming up with interesting and diverse drivers.

If they found a way to circumvent some of the beaming inherent to 8" FR drivers, that would be something.... within the laws of physics, of course!

I have to mention the very well behaved impedance curve. That's candy!
perceval- fyi, my (very limited) experience of a cone with whizzer and phase plug is very positive. The dispersion is very good and pretty uniform. Nevertheless, there is some beaming, or some 'hotness' directly on-axis which disappears as soon as I move slightly off-axis so it's only possible to notice it by looking down the 'barel' so to speak. Hence, it has been more of a scientific curiosity and in no way has it ever been an issue - generally I forget about it unless there's a question on this forum that reminds me it even exists. I have read some controversy around whizzer cones so I know there must be some variation between drivers. In the case of my driver, the AN 15", Bud Purvine commented somewhere on this forum that it's one of the best whizzer implementations he's ever seen or heard (with the possible exception of the Lowther AlNiCo driver that he was very enamored with in 2012). There have been a lot of favorable reviews of the Fane drivers which are also with whizzer, some of them a double whizzer - no such thing as too much of a good thing it would appear.
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I have a local 15" FR driver with quite the solid whizzer here... it kinda looks like the Fane. It loses strength after 5kHz.

I also have the W8-1772, which is touted as the lowest beaming 8" FR drivers out there by some.
It has a whizzer and a plug. True that beaming is not as intense as some of the 5" drivers I have around!

Like Scottmoose said, each implementation is different, some are better than others.