New: Faital Pro 12RS430

I only found the SB34NRX75-6, not the XL75-8 version? Do you have a link?
But all of these don't correlate with my measurements - here 2 12" in a complete speaker at 96dBSPL which would correlate to 1 at 90dBSpl. Linear THD scale for easier comparison but way wider spreaded. The 12" play up to about 550Hz, don't look at the rest.
Studio1 - 96dBSpl - ASR - lin THD pfui.png

And this is with some EQing the low frequencies so it worsens <50Hz.

Is there any writing about the measurement situation? then I can do a few quick measurements similar next week.
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I am replacing dual 12" drivers in large floorstanders. They will be replacing dual HPM100 drivers. Good old drivers, but these modern ones have the higher Xmax, higher power handling, similar FS, higher sensitivity, and lower distortion I am assuming. Every now and then I hit the end of driver stroke with these and these drivers are the only non-modern units in these speakers. I hope to hear a noticable improvement.
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