New: Faital Pro 12RS430

Are there mentions of price out there? Checked USSpeaker and TLHP from France but not yet listed.
This driver is still very new, I also haven't found a store where it is available yet. I hope Faital Pro does not overdo it with the price....😬

The same goes for the 10RS430, which I also find very interesting for a compact speaker. The 12RS430 is probably more for a floorstanding speaker, if it should be bass reflex.

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What does "MEH" mean?

Many greetings,

Could be I figured it out: is "MEH" called multi-entry horn?

I know too little about that. Why do the 12RS430 its parameters make it suitable for such a design?

I see the 12RS430 as the woofer of a three-way speaker. Volume should be 80 to 100 liters, fb at about 30 Hz.
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It would be a part of the horn - it is ca 92 x 75 x 40 cm and roughly 150 l (IIRC) of volume available for the bass drivers - but instead of being mounted from the bottom (as the 18" in the picture), they could be mounted on the sides instead. The red cone is to show the size of the 18", the grey one is 8" - for clarity shown without the exchangeable plates for testing various entry port arrangements.

I'm not familiar with Faital Pro drivers, have yet to work with them. I thought "foam ring" is gasket attached top side of frame for purpose of mounting driver to backside of baffle, otherwise wouldn't thick foam ring cause weird and audible diffraction issues with driver mounted to front of baffle?
@mp9 The height of the ring is just taller than the top of the surround, so it doesn't really cause any diffraction problems. IMO it is because you can place the driver face down indefinitely and it won't be damaged. As a result the shipping carton can just be an empty box having the same depth as the driver. For home audio drivers, in order to protect the surround (because it is proud of the frame) there is additional internal packaging material to keep the driver away from the carton on the surround side. This adds cost for the MFG.