Ok, I will think about all of this and read more. I checked the resistance at the input and outputs of the H2 and got about 48K Ohms. Does that mean that the input and output impedance for the H2 is 48K? If I put a 50K volume pot does that mean the input impedance will go to 50K Ohms?
I am going to use a Geshelli Labs J2 DAC as the source but I am not really sure how to check the output impedance on that.
Hello All. Today I tried to connect the RCA jacks to the board but I have a problem. For example the output side of the board has 2 wires per channel. Output and ground. But don't I need to connect 2 RCA jacks per channel (black and red)? And since each RCA has 2 connections doesn't that mean I need 4 connection wires and not just 2? This might be simple but since this is my first build I really don't know what to do. Can someone please explain how to connect the RCA jacks? Of course the same issues goes for the inputs.
Thanks. Tom
Hold on. I think I was having a little trouble with my brain. For some reason I was thinking this board gets connected to the speaks. But now by brain is working better again and I am remembering this gets connected to an amp. So yes 1 RCA per channel. Sorry everyone. Thanks for the reminder.
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Hi @viltsone , you will probably need to hire a skilled circuit designer and a PCB layout artist, unless you are able to perform those functions yourself (?). Another option would be to find a pre-made circuit board (eBay? AliExpress? Craigslist?) that includes balanced in and balanced out, and also operates from the same supply voltage as this H2.
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Did you tried to use H2 v2 generator in a balanced mode using 2 pcb boards?
Yes, I built a Balanced version of the H2v2 using two PCB's, one per channel. In order to make it work, you need a distortion analyzer (I use REW software on my laptop), a good sound card and a very low distortion sine wave generator.
I used 5W 10K resistors to load the output and adjusted the two pots to give 1% H2 with the lowest H3 possible. This process takes me a couple of hours for each channel, once completed.
Did you changed speaker polarity
Yes, that was the easiest way, the adjustment for positive H2 is easier to make than negative H2 and provides lower H3. I learned how to do it when I made my Balanced B1 Korg preamp (still one of my favorites), it transformed the sound stage from my ALEPH J. I love how it fills the room wall to wall and ceiling to floor. Friends and family are amazed at the sound that combination makes.

The build itself is very easy, it's adjusting that takes time and patience.