Dual membrane planar magnetic (both active driven)

Maybe your driven mass is too heavy for the magnets .Lack of control.
Have you tried to measure thiele small values .Too high Q value.
Underneeth here some measurements of my AMT´s . One with soft film PVDC Saran and one with mylar.
Might be different aluminium thickness too

Bernt Båndsei
Ill try making a measurement of the thiele small, with a foil like this is pretty hard :( weight wont work. maybe known liters box works? maybe the high Q is visible in the impedance measurement, as a pretty peak :) im sure it is
Here a free air measurement.

Clearly High QTS :) insane even :)
i looked up the Q of the QUad ESL 63 and should according to people here be around 2. so i need to damp the bigger panel even a little more.
i might retry to damp internally, using the silk screen mesh i bought. to my ears that damped to much (also in the measurements) but that might be because the panel is super small, and has hardly any baffle. a bigger panbel might work fine with the mesh.. hmm remains interesting. mainly because making them is so damn simple :) except making 2 foils... instead of one
Oh anyone know if the Q around res is the same as the qts of the free air measurement ? before i say stupid things haha
if i look at the second panel the hump is much wider, could i even damp the lowest res more (by damping more in the middle) then give the outer edges less damping then it has right now, to get that a little bit higher. so i can recoop some output a bit higher up. while lowering the 36hz
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