DIY progress report

Fortunately these jFETs are manufacturer in a virtually symmetrical layout.
The D & the S can be swapped and the device will probably operate the same way.

With the dgs PIN out, you can insert these jFETs back to front and the circuit should still operate normally.

It's the ones where gate is not the centre PIN that cause build problems.






XA60.5,sorry,my english is poor
New to the forum. Old tube amp builder and restorer Currently listing to Shannon's ST35 clone and a strange little class D amp that sounds remarkably good. Room limited, so running a pair of JBL 4406s. Looking to upgrade speakers soon, as the nest is empty in a week, second son off to college. Of course, that means little money for hobbies....

Anyway, I have always wanted to build a NP amp. Started on Zen amp 10 years ago, didn't get far and gave away PCBs to a friend. Looking at the F5, but worried about some parts in short supply.

Question for Nelson or other guru.

Is there a new version (F6?) on the way that sources available parts? I am a patient man, as I survived two teenage boys. Looking for 30 or so watts.

On a different topic, any opinions on Vandersteen 1B or 1C? I love the 2C, but not enough room now.

Thanks to all for any wisdom.

Thanks Bob. I contacted Spencer. Am planning on ordering boardset from diy store. The case in the diyaudio store, the 4U looks good.

I have seen some cheaper ones on eBay from China. Somewhat smaller, not drilled of course. I wouldn't expect the quality of the Italian units. I have some metal skills and tools for measuring, drilling, etc. so am intrigued by the savings.

Any builders use eBay for cases? Any vendors recommended?

Thanks again.
For an earlier project I used a Chinese case though a group buy rather than an ebay seller. Packing left much to be desired, a couple of bent fins, flat panels scratched. Not that this means it's a problem with all Chinese sellers, just something to inquire about.

I contributed to the sellout of 4U cases at the store. ;) There are some with blank rear panels still available. Part of the customization that was done for the DIY store cases was improved packaging. My cases arrived in pristine condition. Support your favorite website. :cool:
One additional newbie question. I have a 16v x 2 transformer rated at about 300VA. With my elevated local AC line voltage, I estimate the output at the secondaries at 17 VAC. Is that one volt difference significant in the grand scale of things for an F5 amp? I wouldn't think so, but thought I would check.

Thanks in advance.