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Zen Variations part 4: Text still needs writing, PC boards
are going out for fabrication. ETA end of July. We will be
making the boards available for sale.

The Claw. The horns are taking up a lot of space on the
shop floor, but progress has been slow. ETA this fall.

El Pipe-O. A 12 foot transmission line with a 24 inch diameter
and two 21" woofers. A little project intended as a filler that
got out of control. Prototypes and documentation are done,
only text needs writing. ETA August.

Active Crossover. Waiting in queue after above 3 projects.
PC board will be available. ETA September.

Zen Variations part 5. Big change of direction! ETA October.
The Zen suite

I can't wait to discover so wonderful projects Nelson.This is really a long time to wait!!!...But patience is mother of progress...Anyway,I am amused by a Zen change of direction.But I guess it will not be a power packs revival...

That sound very exciting, I look forward to seeing the new projects emerge.

But you forgot to mention your Bio!

It would be great to see progress reports from forum members on their projects.

For my part, the Aleph 2 aluminum chassis is 75% complete and the boards are assembled.

My Pearl and Balanced Line stage are up and going, they just need cabinets fabricated.


Great new, Nelson

I've got to admit, this is one of the nicer bits of news I've heard in a while. Now, if only the rest of the world could get their ethics together.

I would imagine that Nelson will be flooded with Aleph pics and progress reports in the near future. It's great to belong to a community such as this.

Good day

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This big macho guy would like to see something along those lines- it would be good for driving subwoofers. Plus, I would really like to know how the bias setup on a class AB (MOSFET I assume, as this would be from Nelson) works... I'm a little fuzzy on that.