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It's half time in the second semi-final of the European Womens cup and I cannot believe what I have just seen in the Germany/France match. Utterly bad referring. The French women always play dirty but they have excelled themselves tonight. There should have been at least 5 yellow cards and 2 reds and 3 penalties against the French. The German goal was a good one and the French one just lucky.

Really shocking referring is ruining football.
I've just watched one of the most corrupt refs I've ever seen and a nastier fouling bunch of utter shite have just lost. This ugly piece of work of a ref should never be allowed to even watch another game of football let alone have any say in a match.

The French should be ashamed of every one of their players. If the Germans don't lodge a complaint against this ref they are doing a real disservice to football. Absolutely disgusting.
Funny on the BBC sport webpage people are complaining about German fouls...
Yes I saw that, smacks of orders from above, politics and all that crap.

Any sighted person who saw the match simply could'nt miss the blatant shoves by the french captain inside the box, she even had the cheek to apologise for the second one.

The rule book is clear - the only player who can use their hands and arms is the goalie. The blatant diving that has been happening for so long is just making a mockery of the game. The problem is who controls football and why they allow the destruction of what should be a beautiful game but rarely is and as always it's down to money.

Rugby had a terrible reputation for violence but the decision was made to clean the game up and they did. The only thing left for rugby to do is deal with the very real problem of brain damage. To watch that little Welsh ref (I've forgotten his name) who simply does'nt allow any dirty stuff to happen. Whenever he referees a match you know it will be clean because he simply does'nt tolerate for a moment anything else and he has total respect from the players which is just how it should be.

How often do you see a faster player stopped from going past by an arm - yellow card it, same goes for blatant diving, repeat offence and a ban for 10 games - and it's stopped overnight. Football and rugby are games of speed and passing, if your not fast enough take up darts or some other slob like pastime.

The greatest exposition of football I have ever seen was Germany/Brazil in Brazil. Every move the Germans made was a forward one I never saw a single back pass, truly beautiful and exactly how the game should be played.


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2014-03-01 11:53 pm
I can't comment on football. Rugby has had a problem since it went professional that the size of the players has gone non-linear. Before 80kg was a good size for a back and now 100kg+ is normal. The forces involved are just going up and up. Personally I agree with the theory that front row players should stay on for the full 80 minutes unless injured as they've pumped up the props so much they can't do a whole game anymore.
I would post the youtube video of the young Spanish pole vaulter -- she's as graceful as a gazelle!

With respect to footballers, US version, when I go back to my high school reunions it is shocking to see how many of them have returned to normal size. In that bygone era a big high school football player may have been 190#, now some of them are 230# or even more.


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2014-03-01 11:53 pm
yes American football is an extreme. The challenge there is getting players to the end of their careers before they fall apart. I don't watch it much but I remember someone joking that the Gronk was mainly held together with Duct tape. He was 30 at the time... I can only assume Tom Brady sold his soul to the devil to make it to 40 before retiring?
Making? I'm afraid that ship sailed fifty years ago. Remember when it used to be the beautiful game? Remember when the field held gentlemen? Now it is hands down the most unsportsmanlike sport on the planet.
You don't know much about the origins of football do you. It was never played by gentlemen but ordinary working men. At Bannockburn we played football with Saxon heads. I played football when shoulder charging was a part of the game. If you tried to hold a player back the ref. would blow his whistle.

The problem is the refs and the grossly overpaid scum who control the game. The ref in the German/French match was so bad/corrupt that she should have been removed and banned from any further involvement in football. Big name clubs get so much leeway that it is sickening. When a thicky Rooney who would have a hard job working as a brickies labourer was earning £300,000 a week is where the game has gone bad. There was a time when out of season a footballer would hope to get a job in a sports shop and all the money went to the owners of the clubs, that of course was wrong.

In the UK the Gulf State Arabs, the Americans and the parasitic agents should never have been allowed to get a foothold. Clubs should be owned by the fans and only reasonable salaries paid. Sport is not sport anymore, it's just big business. The insanity of holding a World Cup in Quatar because huge bungs were given out proves the point.

All the big Cup events should be held at times when reasonable weather can be expected aka the Spring or late Autumn. The only reason the Tour de France is held in July is the advertising revenue when a lot of French are on vacation.

Amateur football in the UK has been a brutal viscious game for far too long. When I lived in Galicia my good friend and neighour - Fernando was so incensed by a really bad ref. that he delivered an uppercut and knocked the ref. out - he did get banned for 10 matches but in that amateur Spanish league it completely changed the way that refs. operated.

Football has rules if the refs. adhere to those rules relentlessly then football will change and for the better.

Two posters made very good points about American rugby ( it ain't football) and real rugby and size. It's literally breaking their bodies apart and I would add - look how many rugby players are dying early deaths from taking steroids.
Things are going Horribly, Horribly WRONG in system7's Horseracing household! :rolleyes:

After 3 Winners out of Four this week, including Pyledriver, Kyprios and Nashwa, I met the Horseracing Expert this morning at the local Pub. Claimed to be at Goodwood on Wednesday when Baaeed romped an indifferent field at 6-1 on. Alledgedly 8-1 on at one point. Wish I hadn't. :mad:

Told me the dull-looking 4th day at Glorious Goodwood was full of interest. Without a Class One race I really lose interest myself. But his tip was a trainer called Richard Hughes..

Well, £6 invested.

Not looking too good, so far.

13.50 Sea Appeal. Lost.

My next picks are entirely my own.

15.00 Jimi Hendrix.
15.35 Equilateral.

Back to Richard Hughes:

16.45 Knebworth
17.20 Ring of Beara £1 EW.

Gonna be a disaster, IMO.
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