Brilliancy in Sport. Your favourite moments.

Football is a vague term. Does it refer to what we Brits refer to as American Football?

A game vaguely related to Rugby. In which you run with the ball?

Or is it Soccer, in which you kick the ball?

Frankly I was useless at both of them. Being a man of light frame, which is Healthy in terms of a long life.

The England Lionesses are hotly fancied to win the Euros at Soccer.

I am not getting my hopes up too much.

Don't Germany always win on penalties after extra time?

Oh well.
So the English women did it because they believed in themselves and had a first class Dutch manager who really transformed their skill levels, whereas the men had a complete ******. The women attacked relentlessly and with skill and composure whereas the men were programmed by that prat who bottled with important penalties Gareth Southgate to play defensively. Had they gone on playing attacking football which is how they scored their only goal it would have been a different story.

That Dutch woman truly changed not only their mindset but their skill level - een welgemeende dankjewel.

If I was French I would be ashamed at the hubris of the French TV that refused to show the extra time or the award ceremony. Sadly this is nothing new. One year an English club had won the European Rugby Cup beating a French team. The scumbags showed the losers getting their runners-up medals and then cut to the news. In France you never get to see the Olympics only the French at the Olympics and mostly they are losers. It was hilarious at the Beijing Olympics seeing French commentators referring to 'Pekin' when there were monster boards behind them writ large with BEIJING. This childish petulant hubris has to be the worst thing about life in France.

Well done you English women, you put the men to shame and another big thank you to the Dutch coach - Sarina Weigman - from now on you shall be known as - the transformer/de transformator.
I'm convinced the English women did it mainly 'cause the referee refused a penalty following a handball by English player Leah Williamson in minute 25.

Best regards!
It was'nt a penalty because it was a German player who hit the ball against the upper arm of the English woman - she did'nt stick her arm out to stop the ball, that would have been a penalty - read the rule book. The French clearly, deliberately pushed over 3 times German players in the box and the corrupt ref. in that game gave nothing. The French women have always played a dirty game and got away with it, that is what is destroying football. Pele one of the greatest players of all time never used dirty tactics and he was constantly fouled. In the quarter finals in 1966 the Portuguese kicked him out of the game, it was truly disgusting, who was to blame the ref. Ironically in the semis the Portuguese played England and there was'nt one deliberate foul in the whole game, indeed it was an advert for how the game should be played, shame there had to be a loser that day.

It all does come down to the referee. The rule book is there for a reason and should be enforced ruthlessly like it now is in rugby. a yellow card should mean at least a 10 match ban - watch the quality of football improve in leaps and bounds. Any form inducing drug use in any sport should mean a ban for life. Just look at the lives of women athletes and gymnasts ruined by red fascist States in the 50s and 60s.
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At least...
What is that supposed to mean, dreamth? :)

I was never tremendously gifted at Sport as a young man, being skinny as a rake, but had a dogged determination to beat my bigger, bullying and frankly stupid rivals.

As I filled out later, I found I could bowl a pretty quick and accurate 60 mph medium pacer in the Sport of Cricket. My friends complained I was bowling too quick in a friendly practise in the nets. I told them you don't know the meaning of quick-bowling. My brother used to try and kill me with 90 mph deliveries! Even the highly illegal full toss beamer. I managed to duck it. We patched it up.

What I would observe about the arm-wrestlers, being grossly overweight themselves. is they are unlikely to make it past 55-y-o.

Is this a good tactic? I plan on living to a 100 or more by keeping my weight down.

Good low Carb diet and a little bit of swimming and toning up on the weightlifting.

Even found my wrist-strengtheners along with small 3Kg weights today. I used the wrist-strengtheners for my left arm and fingers when learning guitar.


Unfortunately I have no talent for guitar. Oh well. I leave it to more musical others like Kate Bush on Aerial.


Hope that makes sense.
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2010-11-18 9:12 am
What I would observe about the arm-wrestlers, being grossly overweight themselves. is they are unlikely to make it past 55-y-o.

Is this a good tactic? I plan on living to a 100 or more by keeping my weight down.
I love Kate Bush!
I served you movies with the skiniest armwrestler of all times beating people bigger than him for a few months now...
Just a month ago, at 57 and 110 kg he went through a 32 years old and 190 kg armwrestler ...The guy declared for several times over thr years that he didn't walk into a gym since he was 18...he only trained with armwrestling partners and using his own weight .
Here's another performance of the guy who was a world champion for 26 times :
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2010-11-18 9:12 am
What I never see at John, allthough allowed now in competitions is using his own weight to fight an oponent.As soon as he saw how superior John's arm is, the young guy went under the table immediatedly after the go same as Devon Larrat did and only the guys who use their weight to fight his arm win ...All the weak men use Todd's fishy technique to get on top...
Such a shame to go this way against a 58 years old guy ..I wouldn't even allow a strap applied to his arm as everybody knows nobody can beat him out of the straps, litteraly not even today.Let them fu...fight owning his arm out of the strap if they can cause they have no excuse being 30 years younger!
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I only discovered this, a huge debacle of a horserace by accident. :D

Newton Abbot racecourse in Devon is considered less than Classic in horseracing terms! Very minor. It's not Ascot, Epsom or York or Newmarket or Goodwood or Doncaster. But scenes of one of the least Brilliant races I have ever seen. :rolleyes:

It's a minor 5 horse long 2.5m handicap chase with modest prize-money. A chase has highish jumps.

Most of these hopelsss nags couldn't even jump a smaller hurdle without spewing off their riders!

Only one survived the course! The 15/8 favourite. Rectory Oak in yellow and purple. Never heard of it!

Am far more interested in the upcoming 1.4m Prix de l'arc de triomphe. This my friends is Group 1, Class 1 racing. We are talking Derby flat distance here.

I think the people's horse Pyledriver, in the red cap and green and white shirt, will triumph in the Soggy October bog that is Paris:

Already beaten most of the other contenders. Hope it helps you in the horseracing business.
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