Brilliancy in Sport, Your favourite moments

I think Ronnie O'Sullivan has done the 147 snooker thing about 15 times. But this one was a particular goodie:

Obviously raising his game with Reanne Evans. Like you would. But he did give her a fair chance! :)

The comments are achingly funny too. People who know how hard a 147 is. :cool:
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Hey, slow down, leadbelly. Three counts and you're out. Flippin' good second soccer goal by Diego Maradona. He went past 5 England defenders. :eek:

But was forever tainted by the earlier cheating "Hand of God" handball into the net. :(


Was the referee BLIND? :confused:

Enjoying this thread. Golf, baseball, football. I have an extremely intellectual and surprising contribution coming up soon. :cool:
Ayrton Senna, European Grand Prix at Donnington Park, 1993. Driving a McLaren with a customer Ford V8 about 80bhp down on the V10 Renault in that year's dominant Williams FW15C. Took the lead on the first lap, passing four other drivers in monsoon conditions, and drove off into the distance. Only Damon Hill finished on the same lap, just over 1:23 behind.
leadbelly, I keep telling you to slow down. Give us a chance to comment on previous contributions. TBH, I've never seen a game of baseball in my life. :)

But am assured by a lovely couple of Americans from San Diego I met on a train to the South of France that it is almost as good as our game of Cricket.

My own opinion is that any Sport at the highest level is worth watching. But reserve the right to surprise you with what I consider the "Best Game of All Time". It's not what you think. :D
Are Ye not curious about the Greatest Moment in Sport? :)

IMO, that is. It'll surprise you. Absolute fearless brilliance. I am still in awe. I got this wrong at every level. I got it wrong at about 6 points. Why I am second-rate. I admit it. :eek:

But inspiring. Damn. Wish I had been that good. :D
Morocco's first ever Olympic gold in the 1984 Los Angeles Games.

Saïd Aouita had promised it to the nation and things would have gone his way had it not been for a young practically unknown and unfancied woman called Nawal El Moutawakei in the inaugural Women's Olympic 400m hurdles a couple of days before his 5000m final.

The previous year she came 12th in the World's while Aouita had won practically every race he entered for 3 years. I remember that Saïd seemed extremely upset by her win although they became friends later.

That day Nawal also became the first muslim woman and the first African born woman to win Olympic gold.
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I think Ronnie O'Sullivan has done the 147 snooker thing about 15 times.

I binged a few hours of Ronnie a couple of years ago, some of the interviews were a little hard to take but he has certainly mastered his sport.

I also tried to figure out the huge audience at some darts matches, I would have a hard time calling those tattooed beer swilling dudes with mohawks athletes.