Alpair MAOP 10.2

I have been listening for a couple of days after my holiday and I must say I really like them. They (MAOP11.2) are improving more than I expected. It takes getting used to after listening to my rather large horn speakers, as it is so different. But it is very enjoyable and no listening fatigue to speak of!

(I did adjust the port to the right length, at least by my ears)


Maop have a correct sound.

Likely less the matching than the large number of electrons used to bombard the Al-alloy cone to turn the surface into a VERY thin ceramic.

Given the very high rejection rate of the cones, each driver has to be tested and why not at least do cursory matching if you have the data.

MA matches Fs. I used a metric based on up to 10 of the driver parameters (these averages below ∓3% and sensitivity withing 0.25dB).

I still have a few pairs. Nothing s exotic as M10.2, but also a wholelot less pricey, given where i am, bargins vbecause everything needs to go.

David between the Goliaths

I just finished the built of the cabinets for the MAOP11.2 last weekend.
Now they're playing and they sound very good.

The bass on the cabinets turned out very good, a big plus for these SDDBH-T15.5R-AD cabinets is that you can tune the horn mouths with moveable ports.
Since there is no crossover to tweak, you do have the ports :)
Also some experimentation with damping materials in the chamber behind the driver needs be done.
So far I like them :)


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