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New CS4398 plus PGA2320 DAC board set to work

Posted 25th June 2012 at 01:57 AM by googlyone

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Name:	IMG_0225 - newDAC - small.jpg
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ID:	719Just finished set to work of the new DAC for the digitial crossover. This includes a PGA2320 programmable attenuator on the output of the CS4398 DAC.

This replaces the home made PCB thai I was using on the CS4398 output. I went the professionally made board mainly because PCBCART was able to deliver 16 of these to my house for $140, that includes tooling!!! The actual boards were like $3 or 4 each!

The quality of these baords is fine - though I must admit that I am not breaking any new ground in PCB technology here.

The board is only double sided - I thought about adding a seperate ground and power plance - but the routing density is so lot it would be crazy. The whole back side only has a handful of tracks on it - and is a ground plane in itself. The top side even has room for significant ground fill.

All the digital stuff is in between the connector and the DAC, with a few SPI lines up the left hand...
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Another iteration of DACS for Crossover

Posted 26th May 2012 at 03:00 PM by googlyone

I have never been happy using DACs to implement volume control. I guess largely because of the obvious degradation in resolution at low volume levels.

On my first DSP crossover I used an AD1939 CODEC, which has 24 bit resolution - though obviously lesser precision - and my approach here was to use a mix of steeped attenuator and digitally implemented volume control.

It worked well - though pretty shortly after I built an 8 channel PGA2320 based volume control.

For my new DSP crossover I started with a simple CS4398 in the DAC output. even when I built the first boards I KNEW I would be going back to integrate a programmable attenuator.

Why didn't I just start with it? **** knows.

At lease with the modular approach all I had to do was respin my DAC board to include a PGA2320 along with the CS4398. I already had SPI to the board, sop I can sneakily use these lines for the PGA 2320, as the CS4398 is in hard wired...
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Time for a new Digital Crossover - ADAU1442

Posted 2nd April 2012 at 01:29 PM by googlyone

Well, it has been a few years since I built my last digital crossover - like six I think.
It is not that I was planning to do this - but a conversation with someone about my seemingly modest choice of the AD1941 DSP chip for my old crossover made me look at what else Analog Devices are offering.
The ADAU1442 is on the surface a very similar chip to the AD1940, but it has a lot more integrated into it, and offers significantly greater capacity.
So I set about designing a new crossover that used this, and also addressed a few of the shortcomings of my original design.
The goals were broadly:
- A modular DSP based crossover
- That provides a standard interface for the ADC
- That provides a standard interface for the DAC
- That includes SPDIF in and out
- That anybody can design digitisers and dacs for - no code level drivers built in, though the interface does ALLOW for SPI control of these
- That is controlled from a simple...
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PA speakers for brothers band

Posted 30th November 2011 at 10:42 PM by googlyone

My brother was complaining about his vocals not coming through clearly in his (rather modest / amateur) band. It turned out that he was trying to use some old hifi speakers we had as kids!!!

I had a bunch of Beyma 12G125 bass drivers and some P.Audio PA-D26 compression drivers, so offered to throw some proper speakers together for him.

There were a couple of illustrations of design principles in here that are worth reiterating:
- The horn driver has a massive (and by this I mean both acoustically and electrically) resonant peakj just below 2KHz.

To use this driver and avoid horrible the resultant upper midrange peak, it is essental to put a trap on the tweeter to flatten out the impedance.

this at least gives the crossover a hope of working...

- The horn driver still has a big fat peak at 2KHz.

- The horn was CD - and needed compensation to bring the top end up to "flat".
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New pair of power amps for the my subs

Posted 19th March 2011 at 08:48 AM by googlyone

In the process of upgrading the subs in the play room. The aim was to deliver in the 1kW region into 8 Ohms. Discretion (and common sense - if that ever entered the equation) led me to shoot for something closer to 650 watts (measued 73vrms, or 666 watts on a sine wave into an 8 ohm load, which brought a wry smile to my face).

I chose to use a bridged configuration, as this allowed the use of supply rails at sensible levels (+/-65V) odd. It also allowed me to use a heap of capacitors that I had laying around.

The transformers are ANTEK units, which much to my disgust cost less to buy and ship from the US than to buy locally made. (Sorry about being parochial, but shipping a two 20lb lumps of steel to Australia is expensive - what is with our local businesses???)

No surprise that I was worried about:
- Power supply - needs to be big
- Cooling - an awful lot of heat to get rid of
- Safety - don't want to be melting my speakers,...
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First test post to blog - general audio gear

Posted 11th December 2010 at 02:48 AM by googlyone

Couple of projects of mine - not sure if the photos will load OK.

First is a pair of 25Hz horn subs I used to have - used 18inch p.audio drivers, placed facing one another along a wall to form part of the horn and achieve adequate mouth area for the 25Hz cutoff.

Efficiency was well over 100dB/w/m.

Second photo is one of my digital crossovers I built, 4 way AD1940 based audio DSP with an AD1939 CODEC as A/D and D/A. Works a treat, and makes setting speakers up a snip, as can program in delays, HPF / LPF, parametric etc.

Also included my subwoofer couch - I built this as a challenge from a colleague of mine. The carcass of the couch forms an 800 litre enclosure, the ports exit at the back of the headrest three of them, and I used four fifteen inch drivers. It is tuned to 19Hz, and achieves a -3dB point below 20Hz.
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