What’s this Amps 8 ohm RMS? Help

@Galu the controller works fine must been bad connections before, can you please explain how gain works… if a amp can give only 175watts rms and a subwoofer can handle 200watts… so the gain don’t increase the watts coz it can’t go passed 175watts… it increases the strength of the single so how would that work?
There are two types of gain, voltage gain and power gain.

A preamplifier stage boosts the input signal until its voltage is large enough to operate the power amplifier stage - that's called voltage gain.

The power amplifier stage then adds the power (voltage and current) required to drive the subwoofer - that's called power gain.

In your situation, the amplifier can supply a maximum of 175 W of power to the subwoofer.

It should be obvious that the subwoofer can output no more power than the amplifier is capable of delivering to it.

The 200 W maximum rating of your subwoofer provides a safety margin that will help prevent the sub being overloaded by the full output of the amplifier.

In practice, your amplifier will be delivering much less than 175 W to your subwoofer at normal listening levels.

Does this answer your question?
It kinda does, the amp gain settings next to lpf and hpf and bass eq… let’s say I set my gain to max it won’t give more then 175watt I mean I can’t right? But why’s the worst thing that will happen because no where it properly explains it… sure clipping but is that the only thing will clipping damage the speaker? If not then I can set the gains to whatever I like because it won’t damage the speaker right? I mean it’s my first sub I actually bought and been a while since I played with one… and that was years ago when I didn’t even know about anything amps settings and so on lol… but like you said 175watts amp can’t blow my sub if it’s 200watt Am I right? The little boy is loud :)
let’s say I set my gain to max it won’t give more then 175watt I mean I can’t right?

Quite right, the amp can't give more than 175 W.

If the gain is set too high you will overload the power stage with the input signal. A bass waveform peak can't exceed the voltage of the power supply and will have its top clipped off, meaning the waveform becomes distorted.

Use only as much gain as is necessary to ensure clean, undistorted bass reproduction. If the amp runs into clipping you should hear the distortion and should know to turn the gain down.

175watts amp can’t blow my sub if it’s 200watt Am I right?

Most of the amplifier power produces heat in the subwoofer's voice coil rather than sound (typically only 1% to 2% goes towards producing sound).

Continual operation at maximum amplifier power output could overheat the voice coil and possibly destroy the subwoofer.

However, if you operate at sensible listening levels, the amplifier need not output anywhere near its maximum power.

Just don't crank up the volume in order to "see how loud it will go"! :eek:

The little boy is loud :)

The subwoofer obviously produces a lot of sound per watt of amplifier power, which means you are extremely unlikely ever to need the full 175 W!