Anyone playing with these ?

I'm thinking 1 in a big .56 qtc sealed (when port stuffed anyway) as a center channel under my tv.

And yea, I've had 8" before and am well versed with their dispersion.

But couch wide, it should be fine for bringing out voices.

Looking here (post 25)
W8-1808 vs W8-2145
seems there is a lift in response past 1khz (above baffle step ?)

yet manufact freq response looks better than most 8's past 1khz (flatish).
W8-2145 - 8" Paper Full Range - TB SPEAKER CO., LTD.

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Hobby Hifi has a backloaded horn design with it, and detailed measurements. A very nice driver. The high frequency rise on axis is about proportionate to the fall off axis. Angling them more in or out allows for tuning to taste. Otherwise no obvious nasty traits to frequency response and waterfall plots.

I've sold my soul to my 15" Fane fullrangers, otherwise these tangbands would probably be my next purchase.
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I have the smaller W5-2143 and it’s one of the nicest full range drivers I have heard. Very flat frequency response, great high reach, and substantial real bass kick in a reflex cabinet with mild BSC. I would imagine the 8in to be even better in the bass department. These are superb drivers - priced very well too.
Cool, thanks for the thoughts.

I'm no stanger to full range drivers.
2x4", 4x4" focused array, 9x4" focused array, philips 12", fane 12", I even had the w8-1808.
I've had many 2, 3 way setups, and full range drivers have always been "right" just spl limited.

Now i listen quieter, and closer.
Maybe for me i need 2 different setups.

This will be a center channel, filling the area below my tv.
I had a 12" but abandoned it, not ready for giant boxes, and not the best resolution.

I enjoy what i have (morel solstice), and receiver is done (won't mention it till i buy a back-up).
But when watching a movie or tv show, i want the voice seemingly centered at tv.
And full range really helps intelligibility.

I sit way off axis, and my wife is just off center towards me, so a stereo pair won't work with my 2-ways.
They are supposed to be time aligned but 12db and 18db.
To me, only real time alignment is full range drivers or 6db, but you dsp folks seem to have phase and time perfect crossovers now.
Not my thing.

I learned from my last full range center that you have to get the center channel as high as possible.

So, building a 1 : 1.618 ratios box, looking at near 3.5ft3, for the w8-2145's box, I'm thinking ported or stuff port for near .57 sealed.

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well, can port it instead of a big sealed.
qts .45, Vas 2.39ft3, fs=40hz

Outer dimensions (3/4" wood) 12" x 19" x 31"

golden ratio

I made a 1' x 2' x 3' box for a pioneer b20, worked well for what it was (qtc .57 sealed).

The 19" high works to get speaker at bottom of the tv (under it).


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No comments yet from me.

As expected, less than 90 degree dispersion, maybe couch wide at 8' or further away.
I'll aim the speaker between me and my wife, maybe tomorrow.
I believe a whizzer adds a decade for 90 degree dispersion, so if an 8" gets down to 90 degrees at 2khz (estimating), maybe a whizzer lifts that to 4khz.

Needs a bit more loudness curve applied than my morel solstice.
Bagby said there is baffle step in the crossover, i can't find it.
Solstice MLTL Reference Tower Speaker Kit

And my wife directly on axis agrees, that this center channel needs the blocks under it for the highs.

A few things wrong with the box, but it is done.

I'd written "flush mount", instead it is counter sunk (double walled the front, not asked).
So I'm sure i could measure a peak standing wave from the 3/4" deep 8" across column.
I'd have liked for the driver to be closer to the top of the box.


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