The XSD Speaker

If one wants the nice form factor combined with top performance the two octaves from about 120hz to 480hz calls for a low q mid xmax driver. The control such a driver has over it's cone is key in this critcal range.
Active or digital xovers are mandatory though to limit excursion of the high spl low q Driver.
That is great info radian. I had come to this conclusion, but with less specificity. My conclusion was reached, of course, not experimentally, but by lurking and reading stuff online haha

Someday, I'd like to make a speaker that uses SB racetrack drivers in a SLOB configuration driven actively by Hypex Fa123 plate amps. The mid and high frequency drivers will use passive filters. This makes me even more eager at the prospect
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I aim for -5dB down tilt from 100Hz to 20kHz. That’s my version of the Harman curve. In listening to it, it never feels fatiguing yet full of detail and life.

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Having spent quite a bit of time attempting to do this all myself, I can tell you that $750 for birch or $1050 (both include shipping @ $150) is looking better all the time. I have made so many mistakes. I think I will have a working pair in the next month or two, but suspect that I will need to paint them a flat black hoping to have them disappear visibly as well as acoustically - LOL
Shipping is not included in price. Mine was approx. 150. Price is 650 for non fancy wood finish. So about 800.

Yeah! Finally got the mids and tweeters ordered, at a great deal as had to wait for one, $253 shipped. I am totally rebuilding a full time 41 ft RV(it was 39.5 when I started on it) to a very high level on a fixed retirement income that eats nearly everything I can come up with. I added the 1.5 ft extension so I would have room for a second door (Anderson single french door which I just finished installing) and some great speakers that can be moved out from the wall far enough. I know these might now work out in our situation but have to give them a try, I have multiple other diy options but these are the ones I hope work for us but if not, I will build whatever it takes to have great audio, we both love music to much no to. Going with the 8x8 woofers per side as hopeful can live without subwoofer(s) Maybe time to listen to some Frank Zappa, Manhattan Transfer, CCR, or something classical:)

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The first prototype 8 years ago was made of cardboard and about the same dimensions so I had a good feeling it would work based on that experiment and Akabak simulation of the box. The width was close enough to 3 sheets of 3/4in MDF plus I needed room for the driver magnet and basket mounted inside.


No, I did not try another aperture size. The vertical spacing was based on how close together they could be installed with practical considerations.
Looking into active crossover with or without DAC, DSP, etc....I have used them to great results in super high end car audio comp builds and have had great success with DIY passive crossovers. Not being sure I can make the XSD work in our RV though doing a lot to give them a try I may end up with a totally different type of speaker design and I have a lot of lower but enough power multichannel amps I can test with. IF, I can get the XSD to work in the RV I would likely switch to the passive crossovers and the great XRK D class amp and a decent DAC to keep things simpler.

Low budget due to complete full time RV remodel project, no hurry as will not build the speakers for at least another few months so finding something affordable, used, etc....$200-500 range? If something outstanding in value is available that costs a fair bit more I will consider it as long as used so I can sell later without losing much on it.

Any good advice would be greatly appreciated:)

Thanks, I have considered both units, for my needs, the Dayton is likely at least good enough to use until I finalize what speakers I can make work the best for our needs, wish it had more outputs to use with a tri amp setup....I guess I could use two of them, one per side, even 4 way if I ended up with a couple of small subs. ...I will take a look at how they are configured

The 8x14 Mini DSP would do the job, just costs 4 times as much, or more........and a single Dayton.
I love your alternate material test builds, very cool indeed:)

I am debating building the 8x8 version with just MDF then if they work for us veneer them or just use MDF for the hidden parts and something like Claro Walnut slab for the front and sides. I would make a jig so I could use a solid baffle and use a router for the bass, mid speaker openings.