The making of: The Two Towers (a 25 driver Full Range line array)

I've been busy testing and updating my DSP settings. Running all kinds of new tests to find more ideal combinations.
Retesting a lot of old stuff I've done, like the anti-cross talk, which had grown to a three part solution.

I tried to analyze all I had and if necessary re-adjust. Put back the "S"curve bass mod where I've had it way back in the beginning, when I was using JRiver's Surround Field, at Medium enhancement. Re-checked all levels like the anti crosstalk dips etc. Lots of little hearing tests to find optimum settings.

What did it get me? Based on what I heard today: pure bliss! :D

Even simple pop songs come to life. They become more of a "sound event". It really gets you deep into the song. This is what I do it for. Slowly learning, yes, still learning, but slowly but surely understanding how to combine all the crazy stuff I've experimented with. There's more to do, always. But I'm back to enjoying the time spend listening, and then some.

Finally got: "Roger Waters - Three Wishes" from the album "Amused to Death (Gold Edition)" back to it's fun and insane self like I remembered it.
(so much better than headphone listening if the whole room around you comes alive! Hear it, feel it, experience it)
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I was watching a podcast and I thought of you when they mentioned the Ozone Imager.
It's a free app, so I had to take a look.

It's pretty fun to see the sound positioned in 2D, with the stuff in the middle, and the stuff to the sides (or out of phase).
It also has a slider to expand the stereo image.

Might be fun for you to see all your M/S tweaking in real time.
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I might have been running something like that back in 2015 or so. I do remember a nice visual of what the Stereo files are all about.
This does seem to be a newer version with much improved visuals though, I'll give it a spin!
It was fun to see the songs panning the sound around, and then, I played Takla Makan by Touch Yello. There's LOTS of side stuff and phase stuff happening in there! :)
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Thanks for that, your post helped me to find the one song that my son was looking for. A crazy song that was imaging like nothing else.
It just had to be Yello, and it was... that song was: Planet Dada (the flamboyant version).
Next to Infected Mushroom, Yello do create their own world :). Not sure to call it all music, though with Malia & Boris Blank it's close enough.
Most of the time it's fun!

Takla Makan has things going on that I don't particularly hear but definitely can feel (in my floor boards and couch)


A quick frequency analysis about halfway the song shows there's plenty going on ;)
Lately I'm having more fun just listening than tinkering... or even posting for that matter.
Listening to Stereo, playing movies as a 4.2 system... it's doing what it's supposed to do and very satisfyingly so.

We didn't get much reactions on the voice panning that @krivium did for me. If there's at least some interest in it, I'm sure we could start a separate thread on it? Just say the word (right, @krivium ?).
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I'm always on the lookout for new toys...

Have you seen/heard SplitEQ?
It's pretty cool as you can separate the EQ part into transient and tone. So, one can accentuate or soften the transients for a particular frequency (bell, shelf, etc) and do the same for tone, but separately.
There's also a cool feature where you can pan either the transients or the tone (or both), and a stereo widener/narrower for again, the transients and the tones separately.

Worth a look. Looks fun!

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Spend some time reading up on that tool. Looks like fun to remix an already mixed track, make it more lively or wider etc.
I can't see the charm for what I'm trying to do, as it generally splits transients from non transients, so the onset of notes vs their sustain.

See a quote from Eventide:
Eventide's aagnello said:
Um, words are confusing sometimes. We needed to call the predictive part of sound something and we chose to use the word ‘tonal’ but not in the musical sense. We could have used the word sustain maybe but it’s not the same as sustain when we talk about dynamics modifiers. Think of it as Transient and, instead of Tonal ‘EverythingNotTransient.

“Words are the weeds in God’s masterpiece” Anonymous


Doing stuff like that is more of a mixing/mastering job than I'm prepared to do I guess. Although I could think of a few tracks or even albums that could use that kind of work (lol). Especially lots of 80's stuff (the early days of digital) then again, they may be beyond repair.

I could see how one could enhance some transients to trick the brain into perceiving more of what Griesinger calls the onset of vocals, to emphasize its proximity effect. But that could/would vary from song to song/singer to singer. I'm merely trying to overcome a stereo defect, which is more prominent in the absence (or lower level of) of early reflections. Interesting though, it seems more of an 'effect EQ' than a true equalizer. One could really use it to shape songs. But that's way beyond my skill level, though as said, it may be welcome on quite a few tracks or albums.
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