The Incredible Technics SP-10 MK3 Thread

Would like to 'free' my MK3 from its factory SH-10B5 base and into a custom Panzerholtz 2 or 3 arm plinth, with the motor mounted 'naked'.
I know of the the high dollar builders, but was hoping I could get recommendations for someone who builds great plinths and for less than an arm/leg.


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Do that to a Mk2, as the motor is it’s own part. The Mk3 motor would be significantly more difficult to mount naked in it’s own base, and honestly, why would you want to mess with what is (without hyperbole) arguably the best turntable ever made?

That said, a custom plinth would be a great idea. Panzer is very expensive, materials alone will be $1000+ sitting at the builder’s door. The job isn’t all that hard, any competent custom furniture maker could do it. I’d look into sourcing Panzer first.
Freeing the SP10 of the decorative plate allows the use of shorter arms, such as the Kuzma and other 9" arms. It also increases performance as the plate relays vibration to the motor.
Actually, it is the opposite of what you said.....a MK2 is much harder to to this with than the MK3, as the MK2 is NOT its own part, it also contains the control board with the motor.
The MK3 can be mounted solo, without the Start/Stop switch and without the Speed Control switches as it can be controlled by the power supply/controller.
I have talked to the top plinth builders years ago, such as Steve Dobbins, Chris Thornton and they build the MK3 'naked' as their preferred top performer. But, they use materials that also make them very expensive.
I also had an engineer friend who machined his own plinth from solid SS/solid brass, who told me it was very simple, just remooving the plate, but has since retired.
Here are some of his pics:


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