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Does anyone else like these things?

Oriental noodles courtesy of our local Thailand shop in Elm Grove, Portsmouth, UK?

Every packet a complete surprise, though usually loaded with Garlic and Oil and Chilli.

I usually add an egg in the the final 2 minute cooking stage:


Quick and Easy, IMO. What's not to like?
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This was an interesting complement to "skirt steak", mentioned by Jacques Pepin -- I cook skirt steak in a Lodge pan...after the steak is done, sweat finely chopped mushrooms or onion in the remaining fat. When they are softened add a bit of water to deglaze and this confection:

3 or 4 garlic cloves and 4 anchovy filets, chopped fine
zest of a lime or lemon
juice of a half lime or lemon

reduce, and serve over the main course.
Since I am as bored as one can get from being in five day isolation, I gathered up enough energy to open that 100 oz can of tomato sauce and make some pizza sauce. As anyone knows, tastes vary but there are certain items that must appear in your sauce if you want it to taste like pizza sauce. And by pizza sauce, I mean the tomato version you are used to at your local take-out here in NA.

Tomato sauce
Italian seasoning
Fennel seed
Citric acid

Amounts are up to you. Just remember, when you're salting, hold off a bit as many ingredients also are salted and nothing worse than a salty pizza.
Beyond that it's up to you and it takes time to get the right balance. I tend to go a little wild.
I like to pre-moisten the dry ingredients for a few minutes. Put them on a pan and hit them with the plant mister then leave for five minutes.
Mix everything together in your stand mixer on low for five minutes. Let sit.
Take your dog for a walk and be gone for at least an hour.
Mix again for a couple minutes and taste.
Adjust as needed, taste again and bottle.

For example, with Italian seasoning I would be using a good half cup. Fennel same. The others, try what you like. I don't use fresh as I don't see the need nor the value. Dry is fine.

Time for a dog walk.
Made grape jelly with the muscadine grapes that were planted not even 2 years ago, got 21 lbs of grapes which yielded 16 pints…..i was shocked at the yield for such young plants, next year maybe ill have enough to make wine (need 10 gallons grapes about 60lbs for enough to sufficiently fill a 6 gallon carboy.)


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