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Friday evening chez Weldon:

Start with a warm winter evening and a bit of a sunset
Add a glass of red, a shot of hooch
and a couple Dungeness


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Today's food is boring. Yesterdays was good though:

Breakfast: usual fare

Lunch: Grilled a burger with Wisconsin Blue Marble Jack cheese (damn tasty melty blue cheese)

Dinner: Homemade Indian Chicken Curry with Okra, brown rice, homemade chapati (flat bread kinda like a flour tortilla) and some leftover spinach paneer curry.
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Your crust looks great.

John, tell us how you do your ribs. The spider is grilled also yes? Do you drown it in booze first? That's my fave.

The crab was very good. Coarse salt, demerara sugar, lemon and dries chilies.

Tonight spaghetti. I know, I know but I rarely get to eat it around here so it's a treat for me. Started the sauce about 8 hours ago and it should be ready by the end of the Superbowl.
Tonight's spaghetti:

Crushed tomatoes
Fresh tomatoes
Coarse ground pork leg, browned
Green pepper
Button mushroom
Fried yellow onion & garlic
Garden chillies, oregano, basil & rosemary
Dried marjoram & garlic herb mix
Coarse salt
White vinegar
Yellow cooking sugar

Approx 6 litres of sauce

Served over spaghettini & white cheese (not sure what kind anymore it's been too long and it now looks a little like blue cheese but Mom would kill me if I threw it away so I'll give it a shave and a haircut before plating. :))


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well, I ate it, but only because I was hungry :eek:

all I can say is do not try to cook lasagne pasta in water like ordinary pasta
pretty slimy stuff
I fear I will think twice about lasagne from now on :eek:
well, maybe I cooked it a bit too much, which kills any pasta :smash:


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fortunately this one is always able to save the day :smash:


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well, I ate it, but only because I was hungry :eek:

and today, yesterdays not so enjoyable leftovers :eek:
I just hate to throw out food
added cheese and spices, and it ended up much better
or should I say, quite good
so much better that it may even replace my usual lasagne
I just didnt do it properly yesterday :smash:
another "hifi cooking" :p


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This evening we polished off the absolute last of the prior year tomatoes -- 3 cloves garlic wilted in some olive oil (the Costco variety is excellent) avec tomatoes avec thyme. Served over gnocchi, a couple chunks of beef filet and some carrots (only veg in the fridge). Carrots are great when parboiled, tossed w some butter and sliced pickled ginger and a squeeze from the honey.
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