TABAQ TL for Tang Band

Hi again, nice to hear about adjustments to TABAQ. and your experice.

The driver could be moved further down, which I simmed way bak. I still have ny original boxes, shined up with black glass and black acrlyl. I hoved the driver down by modifyting the front baffle.

Tahe a look at the docuemnt enclosed about the design i case you have not seen it already 😀

I use 50 gram stuffing for my 4 inch driver.



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Note, for the record, I wasn't stating that what I (re)built was a second or new generation TABAQ, it was MY second generation based on the earlier "Build it for cheap from finished shelving with almost no tools" post on the same blog. Also of note the speakers, with the TB1320SIF drivers are still going great. And no, we still can't really hear the difference between the original (actually I guess Bjorn's second take) port and my modified horn-mouth version, also in some previous posts on that blog.
We still use them frequently, as shown in the photo, on the floor, for listening, or put up on the hearth with the subwoofer and video display turned on for more home-theatre like uses.
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@twocent: Thanks for your kind comment,

Regarding the shelving circuit, the purpose was to, of course, handle the baffle step but also the reduced off-axis radiation of high frequencies that always occur in full range drivers larger than 2 inches. The idea was to insert a capacitor to let the high register play more loudly. That will augment the percieved "sound power curve" ie the summed sound the speaker produces in all angles. By listening ca 15 degrees off axis you get an even and more natural response of the high frequencies at the listening position. This is of course also dependent on your listening room, -reflective surfaces, curtains, rugs etc.

The values för the circiut were chosen by trial but also by using Vitiux simulation (freeware).
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Hi Revisorn

I ended up removin half of the stuffing in when I replaced the 3" with the 4".

This was based on listening tests in my listening room, so you are right about the redused stuffing.

Thanks for your comment Björn!

Just for trivia, in order to get the stuffing to stay in place in the upper part of the box, I put some metal wire 2/3 down the box as a type of "grid" so that the stuffing stayed in place.