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Modern farming equipment creates a whole new meaning for the age old expression, "a roll in the hay".


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On Saturday I got to do what few persons can.
As a Canadian, I crossed the USA border and spent time with my American cousins. I did not need a passport. It was 100% legal.
It's called Peace Arch Park and it's quite large.
If you wish to read up on why it exists and what it stands for, here's a link.
Don't believe everything you read in WiKi. There is no one there hounding you or asking for ID. No lookouts, very few patrols, just families from different nations enjoying one another's company and of course the views and well kept grounds.
There's an international agreement between countries that allows the crossing either direction without passing a check point.
It's the only place in North America you can do this.
I grew up close to the park so it's not unusual for me but my wife had never been there and I didn't actually tell her about it until we stepped over the border and I told her she now had one foot in each country. We continued our walk and circled back to Canada enjoying the scenery. Took about an hour and I came back...

...feeling very enlightened.
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A retired bicycle repair guy who used to fix my bikes had mounted a small motor on his own bike and went for a drive. However that was completely breaking several laws as the vehicle must have special brakes, be registered, have this and that installed and the driver must wear a helmet.
When he came driving on the bike line in some 30 mph, he spotted a police with radar som 50 yards ahead of him and switched of the motor and started pedalling, swishing past the policeman who looked very hesitative and suspicious.

It was a sort of this arrangement he had made (a random photo of a random bike with extra power source):


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