Something to lighten the mood

We Brits never tire of a tyre joke.

Spent a few days with my sister, and enjoyed a few hours downtown today, visiting the museum where an artist exhibited “animals“ made from household items and stuff found in junkyards. One of the exhibits were the “insects”, but I will show some other stuff when I am back home.

And something else, my niece is breeding Jack Daniels …. Errrrrrrrrrr!? ……Jack Russels and when we did the terrier-sitting yesterday the dogs(all lady dogs) did … well …


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Like this...more images are available on the 'net.

These are copied from the internet, not my work.

The material was collected from various building sites mostly by one man, took him years to do all this. Almost all of it is discarded building scrap, tiles, metal, brick and so on.
I visited last in 1981 or thereabouts.

The city itself was built from scratch in the 1950s or so, and has some interesting concrete buildings, if you are into that sort of thing.
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