Peerless xls Subwooferbuilds

That's alot equipment in such small space. Nice response tho'!
Haha yeah, it is where i put in all those "what subwoofer should i use today room" yeah the room is small, about 230cm x 470cm.

But big enough to sit down and take a beer and turn up the gain sometimes[emoji4]

I need to shop some signal cables for those 2 new amps, and will build a box cabinet so i can hang them on the wall,and just take those speaker cables where i want to place the subwoofers.
The new "budget" enclosures are finish painted. staying in my stereo room for now. will try out 4 of the 12" xls in the livingroom another day.. need to make some frames for the active amplifires first. View attachment 910659 View attachment 910660 View attachment 910661 View attachment 910662 IMG_20210111_180837.jpg
So testing the new 2x 12" and the 2x 10" (behind the 12's) from my messy stereo room with the Umik-1 from listening possition. Green line is last measurement after some fase adjust and gain increase. View attachment 891012 View attachment 891013

your near field graph is rolling off gradually below 30hz.
But the listening position graph is flat. How did you achieve this?
What EQ boost you gave at what frequencies ??
Having grown up with mostly non or only minimally amplified live music, horn loaded, OB and somewhat aperiodic 'full range' driver systems it's all about pace, rhythm & timing [PRaT] for me, so transient perfect [0.5 Qt] in room is the goal, erring on the side of over-damped WRT design trade-offs.
What amp you guys use for the XLS 12 830500, a class D or solid state and how much power?
In my "cinema" room im using 2 separate active older plate amps, brand is Zachry dsw400 and rated to 420w at 4ohm.. im using each amp for the subs at 8ohm and have more than enough power for movie setup, and the Gain Knob is only on Half way up.

i also have same amp, Dsw250 at 4ohm, , and it drives 2 x 10" in same series with no problem in sealed enclosure. the 2x12 in my "stereo" room have separat plateamps, i think they are about 350-400w... im not sure, the enclosure is pretty good size for the drivers.

But i would think (depend of cabinet size) room setup, and how load you wanna play i think minimum 250wrms for a 12 "driver to have some control of it.
I always feel more comfirtable with more power rated amps, but with a bit lower gain.
uhmm i got some Crown power for my 18" driver now.. (this thread is not only for XLS subs btw.. lol)

Rated to 3000w in bridge mode 4ohm.. 1500w 2ch amp... i dont really need all of it, but fun to have enought to feed bigger drivers. need an active filter and need to finish the enclosure as well. IMG_20210213_002557.jpg