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Agreed ZM, the Modushop chassis is spot on! I added a red mute indication over the power switch per ItsAllInMyHead's post ( Took me a little bit to figure out proper pads with the V3, but not too hard with a DMM and some trial and error. See location for pins below.




I am a big fan of the Iron Pre. Thank you Omnione!
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There's a 5mm, or more, gap. Perspective from picture makes it look closer than it is. I did tuck it in as close as I could to the side of the chassis to maximize distance from transformer. Always appreciate your keen eye! Thank you!

[Edit: Maybe I'll put some tape over there anyway to to ensure no contact can be made. Solid advice.]
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you're asking how to assemble Balanced Iron Pre, without autoformer, so practically 0db

here it is, 3 short wire bridges, drawn as yellow loops; 6th relay is redundant (without function)

remember - without xformer you are not having any sort of SE/Bal conversion capabilities

you'll have SE in to SE out

you'll have Bal in to Bal out

you'll not have Bal in to SE out conversion

you'll not have SE in to Bal out conversion

BAl how to sans xformer.png
Ok, so I missed the time to edit by 2 minutes. This is another unit that I have made in honor of a member of my family. In this case, 'Moskee' Wyoming was the logging camp that my mother was raised in. It was near Nemo, South Dakota just on the other side of the border. It produced lumber for the Homestake gold mine in Lead South Dakota from about 1922 to 1948. My grandfather Raliegh was born in 1899, and then started work there maybe in 1930. Mom was born in 1928, and is still living in Eugene, Oregon at the age of 96. Just seemed fitting to make this unit in tribute to her and her ways.
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