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I have used the Neutrik 4- or 5-pole many times for AC or DC in at my preamps and active crossovers.
The current is so low in preamps (very often around 100 - 200mA) that I never had worries or problems.
And Neutrik is professional stuff at an reasonable price. Not the cheapest.
Sometimes I also use the REAN stuff from Neutrik.
I won't be ready to install attenuators for weeks at least, so I will be very interested to hear your experiences with the Eizz! Please post your impressions!

The attenuators arrived yesterday so I was able to finish the balanced Iron Pre today. The Eizz controls are very nice. The build quality looks great. The rotation is smooth, and there are no glitches in the make before break all through the range.

I had ordered the chassis from Hifi 2000, and I had to bore out the front panel cutouts a little because the main shaft is slightly thicker than what was specified for the chassis VCs, although if you follow ZM's suggestion of using an extension, this won't be an issue.

ZM - thank you, the preamp sounds very great upon first power-up. ItsAllInMyHead and others who've worked on this, thank you.
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If you can find a 4-gang pot or attenuator, use it! :)

If you have not used them before, mono volume potentiometers will seem to be a less than optimal solution. However, when you use it, you may find it very good! I did not expect to like it, but I do. Also, it allows the use of easily-available potentiometer.
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Well it was a fun build. I am a total beginner and somehow managed to make this preamp sing. Most of my parts came from Newark electronics and Ebay so I was waiting for awhile for all the parts from China to show up. Toroidal transformers are 15v secondaries. Using with a F6 and a M2, goes plenty loud.

Areas of learning for me include,
  • Not jumpering J5
  • Flipping a Jfet
  • mixing up the wires for the XLRS
  • mixing up the 12 volume control wires
  • jumpers from - to Gnd for the SE inputs
Many thanks to all those on here that help guide me in the right direction when I got stuck. Now off to give this a proper audition, already cant believe how different it sounds than the FE2022


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I took some measurements of my balanced build today. The measurements are very good even though I didn't use volume control extensions. However, I assumed, being a balanced build, that the second harmonic would be lower than the third, but see that it is still predominantly second harmonic. I just wanted to check that this is the expected behavior, and that I didn't wire anything up incorrectly.

Thank you
Ok, you guys. Parts didn't arrive today, and there is an underlying panic beginning to grow. Did the Fed-Ex driver get lost? Was there a robbery? Where the hell did I put my binoculars?
Wait a tick. Tracking says it is coming per USPS, and it has arrived in Casper Wy. When something lands in the deep dark vortex of Casper, anything can happen.
I used to get the neighbor's outgoing mail, and even big bags of dog food for somebody who lived two blocks away, on the other side of the street. You had to carefully wait for mail if there was something important coming your way, and when she showed up, she would argue about having any package for you. Then she would admit, "Well, there IS an envelope (you know the really big ones) for you."
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