HF10AK + 12P80ND + custom WG


2019-10-19 10:09 am

Factory open space setting. Nothing within 6m of horn front

Topping D10s -> MC2 T4 250 -> UMIK1

Topping D10s USB DAC and Bridge Review | Audio Science Review (ASR) Forum

mic 2.5m on axis from baffle front
first measure ~80db peak
EQ flat to 2db using REW EQ helper
adjust with Equaliser APO
check and adjust volume to 80db peak
perform final test sweeps and create relevant charts
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2006-10-23 6:18 pm
it will be interesting to see what xo-point you will find sounds best. I tend to prefer as low as possible, probably because the acoustic centers are rather far apart.

I'm also curious to see the frequency response you end up aiming for. A linear response sounds terrible on my setup, but i wonder if measuring distance is a bigger factor than i thought on horns. I adjust mine at 1m. I pretty much follow the x-curve discussed in the link you provided. We use the same mic, so thats great for comparison.


2019-10-19 10:09 am
In order 0,15,30,45
All spl with 1/12th smoothing at 0,15,30,45.


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2019-10-19 10:09 am
2.5m on axis complete speaker. The 12p80 is "open baffle" here and four EQs used to flatten as best I could manually. REW EQ helper needs a little more time spent with it.


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2006-10-23 6:18 pm
incredible off-axis response! Properly controlled dispersion indeed. Good job! Harmonic distortion looks very low at these levels at least. I'm curious if intermodular distortion could be an issue, but i don't know how to measure that.
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2014-07-16 7:49 pm
yeah hard to say what input volts really are.

"For the remaining series of tests, I set up the Listen, Inc. AudioConnect analyzer and 1/4” SCM microphone (provided by Listen, Inc.) to measure distortion and generate time-frequency plots. For the distortion measurement, I mounted the Oberton ND45/H-960 combination in free-air in the same manner as was used for the frequency response measurements, and set the SPL to 104 dB at 1 m (2.83 V determined by using a pink noise stimulus generator and internal SLM in the SoundCheck 17 software). Then, I measured the distortion with the Listen microphone placed 10 cm from the mouth of the horn. This produced the distortion curves shown in Figure 10."


what i've read they have been between 0.5V and 4volts