Hi CyberPit,
JLC complained about the footprint of FL1 (See picture attached)
I guess it will be fine since your boards work fine, but we might want to change it for future versions.

BR Ludwig


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Hi everyone,
regarding the THT components. Some of you might not want to have all of them, which I totally understand. But I don't want to sort out 15 times an individual set of components. I hope you understand that.
So I want to propose the following options:
  • take all components
  • take none
  • take all except the 4 output RCAs (which is probably a common thing for everyone using XLRs)
  • take all except the potentiometers
  • the combination of the two above

I'd love to hear your input on that. Feel free to propose different options that are more suitable.
Also keep in mind if some people order less components it might get slightly more expensive for everyone else due to lower quantity discounts.

Best Regards,
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Could you estimate the cost of the components if everyone took all the components? That might help buyers decide.
Alright, I just had a look at my spreadsheet for the THT components for 10 boards and for 15 board. Ordering only for 10 boards the price of the THT components per board only increased by 2 cents and if I order for 5 boards it increses by 80 cents per board. It is less then I thought it would be.

As reference, the jlc assembled board is just below 60 USD and the THT components are just above 60 USD, so it is pretty much half of the total cost.

BR Ludwig
Regarding payment:
I will sort out shipping with everyone individually which will then determine your final price.
As channels for payment I have paypal and Wise (and with that also bank details for countries like UK, US, Australia for wire transfer). SEPA is also possible for everyone in the EU.
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