DAC AD1862: Almost THT, I2S input, NOS, R-2R

Hey there.
Made Gerbers for tube output, 6DJ8/6N23p/ECC88, ccs driven, with the schematic proposed by grunf on message #5200.
They are two boards, one for PSU, other one for music :) I chose this way, you know, space is always limited within enclosures.

PSU is nothing fancy here, doing the CCS the hard work. Heaters are DC, not the finest DC, but it works pretty well on my other builds.

For the audio section, i preferred to have a hole hosting a noval socket, then you've to solder the pins. So you can choose different kind of tubes, it has not to be definitely the 6DJ8. In case of accomodating other tubes, modify the circuit accordingly (and the pinout, if necessary!).
The double in for heater power (one left, one right), leaves you the choice, where to locate the board into the chassis.
That should be everything (for the moment).

Of course you can use the board(s) for other projects (i'll install one on my CD player with TDA1541, now it has a lampizator SRPP schematic in it)!


Audio board:

In case of errors, please answer me or contact me. Hope it helps someone, and, above all, thank you @grunf !


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Ok, so, friends, please disregard my last upload #8261. I remade the boards for the tube output stage, with spacing fitting following BOMs. If possible i would ask a moderator to cancel previous uploads.
Schematics remain the same.
These 10uF Wima caps are huge, and so with more space perhaps you could fit some boutique cap. Now there's only 1 filament inlet, with the shortest path. I'll order them myself shortly.
Please let me know in case of further discrepancies.


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Setting up an AD1862 board without I/V and want to use one of the RPI/FifoPi Q3/Reclocker stacks that I have laying around for input to the DAC. I have soldered the ufl connectors on the AD1862 board for connection with the Reclocker. Do I still need to connect DL and DR? These supply points are not evident on on the FifoPi or Reclocker. I2S is still a bit of a mystery to me. I do have a JLSounds/AD1862/ Dark IV running and am liking the sound.
@Cauwil If you NOT solder 74HCT164Ds and use my CPLD converter instead, the connection is:
https://electrodac.blogspot.com/p/i2s-to-pcm-dac-converter-tutorial-cpld.html (20-Bit file)
CL to BCK (there is only CL, not CR)
DL and DR not to DATA, but to DL and DR on the PCB (look closer on the PCB and you will find these two pins)
LE to LRCK (there is not LL and LR on the PCB, only LRCK)
and of course don't forget to connect GND as well, which is a frequent mistake that it remains unconnected
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What a beauty, just showed up from ebay. Definitely had a hard trip sounds like loose items rattling around inside. Powers up but the CD mechanism def doesnt work. Seller claims it worked and was tested. Hahaha oh well, just wanted the chip out of it


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Here are two versions of arduino code for LRCLK sample rate displays, it uses an arduino Nano and an elcheapo I2C SSD1306 oled, one version uses interrupts and one is without interrupts. This one works in conjunction with your signal switching board, three wires in addition to LRCLK are needed and they are essentially pulled from the signal switching board LEDs. Code is self explanatory.

It could be tweaked further but up to the users.

Board members, are requested to use the thread/board for any queries any PM just clogs my inbox as I travel frequently and don't have enough time to check diyaudio.com, besides it doesn't help the community in case of a PM. Appreciate understanding.


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@miro1360 , I successfully used your DC protection for Headphones amplifier, slightly modified if you don't mind. I use it to reset the Mute circuit for a 5s start up delay. With the 100k trimmers in NFB, I set the protection to turn on at 250mV DC. :)


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