DAC AD1862: Almost THT, I2S input, NOS, R-2R

With a proper quality transformer with blind winding between primary amd secondary, and with magnetic shield, it shouldn't be as critical. BUT, properly done toroids are scarce so i'd follow the advice above. We are lucky there are amazing toroids from Trafomatic here in Serbia.
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Has anyone done any tests to see how distortion varies with the value of Riv for the ad1862?

TDA1541R1 example, courtesy of mvlabs:
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You should start at page one of this thread with a notebook and pencil ready for note taking, there are many, many builds and tons of pictures showing how diyers implement the AD1862 chip plus several others. Go to the Electrodac link Miro attached in post#1, all the info you need to start is there. Download and read the AD1862 datasheet. 😉
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DAC702 prototype schematic 😎

Glue Logic piece ... at least in simulator it works :scratch2:

I2S 64-Bit Sample Glue Logic for DAC702 principle (bipolar output) in theory:
  • 15-Bit serial data delay for sample aligning with the LRCK rising edge* (IC1, IC2)
  • 16-Bit serial data delay with parallel out buffer for DAC1 (IC3, IC4)
  • 16-Bit serial data delay (IC5, IC6)
  • 16-Bit serial data delay with parallel out buffer for DAC2 (IC7, IC8)
  • Inverting each MSB of the I2S code to get COB code (offset binary) for bipolar output (IC9, IC10)
  • *LRCK rising edge is latching aligned data from parallel registers into DACs


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Guys, I buy arduino nano and oled display for her but I don't get it how to connect arduino and ours Dac? - There is a mention about LRCK pin on Dac but it needs to be more pins from arduino. Who can help with connection? The code is he:
DAC AD1862: Almost THT, I2S input, NOS, R-2R | Page 370 | diyAudio
I want to see the info about sample rate on display. I need for the Jlsound and Amanero transports.


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Anyone tried AD1862 in multichannel configuration. As I know there is only a few USB-I2s multichannel boards