DAC AD1862: Almost THT, I2S input, NOS, R-2R

I replaced the heatsink on the JLS board (on the BD139 transistor). The combination of a 4VDC power supply and a slightly larger heatsink gives a slightly lower temperature. One cooler rib can be shortened by 2-3 mm so that it does not touch the spacer or the nut. Isolator is silicone washer. The original heatsink does not have thermal paste or good contact, which means that we do not know the temperature of the transistor. Now it is safe.
I changed the heatsink for mine too.


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For example, I have to have I2S and shift registers because I want more digital inputs besides USB. Otherwise, I don't know if there is any card other than JLS that can be connected directly to various DAC chips. Let's say I have WaveIO in another DAC (PCM1794 also with shift registers) and from that card there are only I2S and SPDIF in variants of galvanically isolated and non-isolated outputs.
There are 2 separate use cases here. BB PCM1702 evaluation board which @grunf refers to uses PMD100 as digital filter. BB evaluation board has digital isolators between PMD100 and PCM1702 which IMO is not where they should be placed. Instead PMD100 datasheet recommends that the generated output PCM signals (LE, WCK, DR, DL) should be reclocked which BB evaluation board does not do. The reclocking of JLSounds does not solve the issue if PMD100 is used as the reclocking takes place before PMD100. But without PMD100 the reclocking of JLSounds works better.
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